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    What are the worst band names ever?

    It's great to see a reference to Anal C*nt here. I've loved 'em for years, even seen them play live once. Some of their songs last about five seconds! They can play noise and real metal when the mood strikes them. And if you want to laugh, just read some of their song titles. One of my...
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    When Keith Richard Was Actually Good

    Right on, sometimes Keith played abolutely insane good stuff: Prodigal Son, Stray Cat Blues, Sympathy For The Devil, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Monkey Man, Gimmie Shelter, etc. No one could top it!
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    When Keith Richard Was Actually Good

    I think Keith is a good guitarist but he started getting lazy after he hit his peak around 1970 or so. The Rolling Stones had a lot of session musicians in the mid-70s, esp. on the Black And Blue album. And Ron Wood has evolved into the lead player over the last twenty years or so. So Keith...
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    First metal band?

    I'm gonna guess, based on reading old Creem magazines and stuff like that, that the term heavy metal was probably first used by Steppenwolf and that the term was gaining wider usage by 1972-74 as Led Zeppelin and other heavy rock bands were selling more and more records and getting increased...
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    Robert Johnson lyric question!

    In Robert Johnson's classic song Sweet Home Chicago why does he say "Back to the land of California to my sweet home Chicago"? Last time I checked Chicago was in Illinois! I noticed subsequent versions of this song, such as the Blues Brothers' version, omit the reference to California. Any...
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    First metal band?

    Excellent points. A lot of people nowadays don't think of Van Halen or even Led Zeppelin as heavy metal but back in the early days they generally were. It's like the requirements for being heavy metal evolve whenever new bands set new standards. But to me once metal, always metal.
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    Elvis Fans: Please settle lyric dispute!

    This is a question for anyone who knows the song Ol' Shep by Elvis Presley. In that song does the person kill his beloved old dog? My buddy and I had a dispute over this many years ago and it never was resolved but every time I hear the song I am reminded of it. One of us always believed the...
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    Who is your favorite Canadian Music Artist or Band?

    Excellent thread! The first that come to mind are Rush and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Let's not forget Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush. Marino rocked with the intensity of Jimi Hendrix with a lot of funk and soul.
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    Greatest seldom-heard rock songs!

    Name a song or two or three by your favorite rock bands that doesn't get the airplay or recognition it deserves! I'm talkin' about songs that never seem to make it into the band's setlists or get onto their greatest hit compilations but is one of their best tunes in your opinion. Here's my...
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    Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Sued For Plagiarism Over "Dazed And Confused"

    Like the blues musicians who came before them, Led Zeppelin borrowed many ideas and recycled all sorts of riffs and songs. Unlike most of those guys, Led Zeppelin made huge amounts of money. But to sue the band over this, especially after all these years, is lame and goes against the grain of...
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    Hidden or mystery album tracks

    There's an untitled song at the end of the Danzig's fourth album that sounds like a Satanic chant. There's a bunch of blank tracks before that one, which is the 66th track. I recall Marilyn Manson had a hidden track at the end of a couple of their CDs, one of them was a horrifying bit where...
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    Kraftwerk (Official Thread)

    Re: Kraftwerk! VXa9tXcMhXQ Here's another awesome strange clip.
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    Kraftwerk (Official Thread)

    Official Website Kraftwerk (1970) Kraftwerk 2 (1972) Ralf und Florian (1973) Autobahn (1974) Radio-Activity (1975) Trans-Europe Express (1977) The Man-Machine (1978) Computer World (1981) "Tour de France" (single, 1983) Electric Café/Techno Pop (1986) The Mix (1991) "Expo 2000"...
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    10 Greatest Monster Riffs?

    Interesting unexpected choices! Walk On The Wild Side doesn't come to mind right away as a monster riff in the same way as Iron Man or Godzilla. On a side note I noticed that Jeff Beck is on one or two lists and I do think he's a brilliant guitarist but it seemed like he purposely stayed away...
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    10 Greatest Monster Riffs?

    Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult and Aqualung by Jethro Tull are exactly what I had in mind with this topic! Great stuff.
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    10 Greatest Monster Riffs?

    Hey rockers! What would you say are the ten greatest monster guitar riff songs in rock? I'm talkin' about big riffs that pummel you into submission like a big lumbering brontosaurus and you could identify immediately. Of course it's hard to leave off some great ones but here's my list off the...
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    What happened to guitar solos?

    I think we're in an era of digital crappy music. Real rock was in the sixties and seventies with guys like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Ted Nugent cranking out killer guitar jams.
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    Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones

    Good point. I don't think Jeff Beck has ever wanted to be in a big rock group like Led Zeppelin or the Stones. Look at how the Jeff Beck Group or Beck Bogert Appice didn't last long. Beck would rather do his jazz-rock fusion stuff in front of smaller crowds from what I can see.
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    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Re: Judas Priest I lost that cassette years ago but I've got the remastered CD now. Awesome album!
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    Bachman Turner Overdrive (Official Thread)

    I saw Bachman-Turner Overdrive in concert in Detroit in 1986 when they opened for Van Halen. I love BTO. I truly started to get into them within the past four years since I checked out their Anthology CD set. In the 1970s BTO were a hard rock machine churning out one great tune after another...
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    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Re: Judas Priest Hell Bent For Leather was the first Judas Priest album I bought too and it's still one of my faves. I recall buying it on cassette tape at a Sears near Detroit around 1983 for only about $5. It was called Hell Bent For Leather too.
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    Glenn Danzig

    Re: Glann Danzig's three bands "Blood And Tears" from Lucifuge is another Danzig classic.
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    Glenn Danzig

    Re: Glann Danzig's three bands Guns 'n Roses did a cool version of the Misfits song Attitude on The Spaghetti Incident. And Metallica did a rocking mashup of two Misfits classics on their Garage Days Re-Revisited EP: Last Caress/Green Hell. I highly recommend those to anyone not familiar with...
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    Is Alice Cooper Metal

    Alice mentions being heavy metal on his Zipper Catches Skin album. I think he's a good hard rocker with a lot of great tunes. He's seventies-style heavy metal along with Led Zeppelin and Kiss.
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    Glenn Danzig

    I have been getting into Glenn Danzig's three bands the Misfits, Samhain and Danzig a lot lately. Misfits were one of the best punk bands ever because their songs were full of energy and great melodies and brutally hilarious lyrics. I think the later versions of the band were also very good...

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