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    Tommy Bolin

    Bolin was a monster talent! Definitely deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as all the other guitar gods of the era. Check out Billy Cobham's "Spectrum" and Alfonse Mouzon's "Mind Transplant" for a taste of his fusion work.
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Great list, Glad to see Point Blank listed.>> Yeah, killer band, and definitely forgotten. The first two albums are essential for anyone who digs early ZZ Top. They were also managed by Bill Ham.
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    I believe "West, Bruce And Laing", received a fair amount of press. What with Jack-Bruce from Cream in the band. That's not really the point of the thread though, is it? I don't think suggesting they've been forgotten is too far from the truth regardless of the amount of press they...
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Most of the bands you guys have listed haven't really been forgotten, but that's just my opinion. I'm a diehard. I'll list some bands that made some great records during the 70's but were never really known enough in the first place to be forgotten all these years later. See how many you...
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    Favorite Aerosmith Album From The 70's?

    I'd have to pick Rocks also, but Get Your Wings would be right up there. It's a shame what these guys have sank to in the last 20 odd years. Pathetic.
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    Freddie King (Official Thread)

    You can really hear Freddie's influence on Clapton's playing. His early instrumantals are really cool, and have been covered by lots of people besides Clapton such as SRV and Peter Green. If you've never heard them, check out one of the three albums he recorded for Leon Russell's Shelter...

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