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    Whitesnake (Official Thread)

    Last semester, I was listening to Here I Go Again.. I love this song and my girlfriend was having a bad day, so naturally I had to air guitar and head bang and look dumb(for both of us:tongue:) I threw my head back on the pause right before the first guitar solo and forgot about the wall behind...
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    DEVO (Official Thread)

    I'll definitely see that documentary when it comes out:grinthumb Also, to the song that was posted from their new album, it sounded a lot more like simple minds or even English Beat than early Devo.. cool but not at all what I was expecting.. may see what I can do to get my hands on that album:)
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    Tomorrow is LG's Birthday.......don't tell anyone!

    Happy birthday, LG! How's this cake's sound quality?
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    Poco (Official Thread)

    the 4 seconds or so that was played sounded like the usual good ol' Poco to me:heheh: Do you know what the line up will be, Magic?
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    Pure Prairie League (Official Thread)

    Re: Pure Prairie League Surprised to see this one from you, Sooty:D Certainly not upset though:grinthumb Another great, 70s country rock band.. My dad got me into them, I knew Amie and Two Lane Highway, but I have 2 albums, maybe three from them.. Love this one off of Bustin' Out _Kb7wZokLHQ
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    Happy Birthday eberg!

    Since my birthday is technically over now, I'll give one last thank you.. my birthday was great, parents came up to school and took my girlfriend and I out to dinner and had cake.. and they brought me food.. Found out I have pink eye, but it's not bad at all.. so all in all not too shabby.. My...
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    Happy Birthday eberg!

    Thanks everyone! Love the cakes all you guys found!!! :grinthumb
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    Bruce Springsteen (Official Thread)

    His vette was/is sure cooler than hell!:grinthumb Just browsed through the last page or two and didn't see it posted.. Bruces new song/video.. -x8zBzxCwsM&feature=share Like it for the most part, but I do have some mixed feelings about it.. not quite as raw and rambunctious as I like for...
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    Elvis Costello (Official Thread)

    Re: Elvis Costello Listened to My Aim Is True today and got totally revamped on good ol' Elvis.. Diggin' both versions of Blame It on Cain and because of this, have his 2009 release on it's way:grinthumb LUsaKrf4Ds0
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    Been rockin' out to Heartbreaker a lot lately:grinthumb VKBqw2bT63A
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    Tom Petty (Official Thread)

    Petty and crew are back out on tour with a few dates for Florida and Kansas, then over to Europe:grinthumb
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    Happy New Year CRF!

    Hope everyone's celebrations are safe and fun, and here's to another awesome year on CRF with all of you:cheers2
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    Happy Christmas to all at CRF

    Hope everyone's Christmas was safe, fun, and great! and Cheers to a new year coming up at CRF:cheers:
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    ZZ Top-A Tribute From Friends

    I'm not a wolfmother fan, but I'm very interested to see what they've done with Cheap Sunglasses..:think:
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    Diamond Head in Wisconsin and Illinois

    I only knew a couple songs by these guys, but they seem like a great live band:grinthumb Awesome writeup!:D
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    Kudos to the forum

    Very nice, Ember:) I feel like CRF is kind of an online music oasis.. I've never been on another forum like here.. Also, you will never be censored here, other than certain profanity, everyone's opinion is respected:grinthumb
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    The Clash (Official Thread)

    Re: The Clash I'll expand on that and say, one of my favorite bands of all time.. Much more to them than punk rock, in the stereotypical sense:D
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    Poco (Official Thread)

    Re: Official Poco Thread I can get the same vibe from them:grinthumb Here's one to listen to:D Another Time Around(Cantamos) K0Wey5tHF2k
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    Matchbox Twenty - Mad Season (2000)

    Re: Matchbox Twenty ~ Mad Season My girlfriend LOVES this CD:heheh: I remember always hearing Smooth when it first came out on the radio too.. I think I heard it a little too much:D Great review as always, and a cool CD choice, Feldy:grinthumb
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    Poco (Official Thread)

    Re: Official Poco Thread Glad you like them, JG!:) Any favorite albums, songs, or stories?
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    Eagles (Official Thread)

    Re: Eagles :heheh: Almost as legendary as the feuds between Tyler and Perry... Two great records did come through the fighting though, The Long Run and Eagles Live. DI_rkZIuHzw&feature=related
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    Billy Joel (Official Thread)

    Runningshoes posted the song Stiletto a bit earlier and it made me listen to 52nd street again.. Stiletto is an awesome song, and here's a cool live version:grinthumb 6Cf0pPRBIIY and "Captan Jack" because I feel like it:D gqjGPIYJsh0&feature=related :phones:
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    Kenny Loggins / Loggins & Messina (Official Thread)

    re: Kenny Loggins / Loggins & Messina (Official Thread) Here you go:D
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    Kenny Loggins / Loggins & Messina (Official Thread)

    re: Kenny Loggins / Loggins & Messina (Official Thread) I believe you're correct, LG I might have to get the greatest hits then, like I said before, they're too hit and miss for me to like many of their albums Here's another one I like: Thinking of You YNPxBNmE9z0
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    Kenny Loggins / Loggins & Messina (Official Thread)

    re: Kenny Loggins / Loggins & Messina (Official Thread) That one had a little bit of a Little Feat feel, LG^ Loggins and Messina are a bit hit and miss for me.. I haven't listened to many of their albums, but as I go along I usually find at least one track I like, on what I have heard.. My...

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