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  1. Slip'nn2Darkness

    What is your "go to" summer album?

    This album reminds of the hot summer in Southern Cal. where I grew up.
  2. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Some Girls - The Rolling Stones

    :heheh: All I know is I had the album when it first came out.. Then the big lawsuit about them using pictures without permission. I ended up searching for a original copy and found one in great condition. Funny I just played that album this afternoon.. It came out when Queens Another One Bites...
  3. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Jerry Lee Lewis (Official Thread)

    I was actually thinking of polling Jerry Lee against Elvis just to see how it would turn out but I think Elvis would get more votes but I have to say .....I love the shit out of Jerry Lee Lewis music. That guy can Honky Tonk a piano and there is a butt load of songs that don't get much radio...
  4. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Bridge Over Troubled Water vs. Deja Vu

    I've spun both recently and I have to laugh because now when I listen to Bridge over troubled waters I realize that album is only played when me and the wife are listening to music. in other words it's more of a date night album. But Deja Vu has always been such a cool album to me. "Almost cut...
  5. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Tell us about your stereo!

    Very cool setup. Diff. something you would find in a mancave. Well since it's been a long time since I posted about my set up, I have improved it for sure. I recently bought a vintage set of Utah Loudspeakers and found a pair of Bose 301's at a estate sale. I picked up some old world war II...
  6. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Chickenfoot vs. Black Country

    Buk Buk..:D
  7. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Bridge of Sighs vs Disraeli Gears

    Robin Trower dosn't get much better than this album. Creams album sure... it's one of their best but ain't no way I'm voting against Trower in this poll.
  8. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Van Halen vs. Yngwie Malmsteen

    Hello?? Didn't even know who Yngwie was until I joined the old forum. But Van Halen was there when I was at that age where all my friends were into this new Rock Band from Cali..
  9. Slip'nn2Darkness

    [Favorite Song] Judas Priest - Stained Class (1978)

    Ha! Didn't look ahead to see what song had the most votes but voted for "BTROD" The whole album kicks ass but what a awesome ballad. :bow:
  10. Slip'nn2Darkness

    JACKYL Set To Unleash 8th Studio Album ‘Rowyco’

    OK.. Love the old JACKYL.. Dupree did the Sturgis thing and so I hope this gets good reviews from true Jackyl lovers..
  11. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Blackfoot vs The Marshall Tucker Band vs Molly Hatchet vs The Outlaws

    I applauded Joker because it seems Lynnard Sknnard always get's the Southern Rock props for being the best "Southern Band" I live in Alabama and Sweet Home Alabama is still being worn out on the radio classic rock station.. My opion of LS is Meh. after all the times I've heard Free Bird and...
  12. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Kravitz concert set for release

    Let's see if this video get's posted.. Copyright might say NO! But it's a taste of a song off his tour.. The footage from the concert is worth a watch.. XswVfx2wkvo
  13. Slip'nn2Darkness

    David Lee Roth Believes He’ll Be Back With Van Halen

    When Van Halen surfaced with "A Different Kind Of Truth" after all those years and all the smack talk coming from "The New Generation" of critics I have to admit I really liked the CD. Wolfie on bass instead of Micheal Anthony had me thinking maybe Eddie did the bass tracks, but any who, David...
  14. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Kravitz concert set for release

    Caught this show on cable. I now have a new respect for Lenny. I had no idea he does all the instruments on his studio albums except for the horns. But the guy is extremely talented. He can rock that's for sure..
  15. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Best Guitarist of all time

    The list has all the best of Rolling Stone magazine votes.. And all have earned their chops. BUT.... I think a guitarist can hit you to the soul if they can play music that inspires you. So I'm going to give vote to Robin Trower who's not on the list due to probably lack of FM airtime.. Also...
  16. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Is Rock Dying A Slow Death?

    Two fairly new bands that come to mind that have captured the old retro rock sound is Chickenfoot and Rival Sons.. I'm sure there are others who can reproduce the old style of rock. But you have to have your head in being a true musician who dosn't follow the drift of where music is going these...
  17. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Detective might have been mentioned already but during the 70's when Led Zepplin was on it's last album along came Detective with a heavy rock sound. I ended up buying a couple of their albums and enjoyed them a bit. They didn't really get much air time but they sure had a little Led Zep in...
  18. Slip'nn2Darkness

    The "Official" Power Ballad thread Got into a little old Humble Pie with Steve Marriot on vocals the other day. This song hit's high on my Bump and Grind blues hit's.
  19. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Happy Birthday METALPRIEST!

    Brother... Had to make a appearance just in case you decide to stop by. Been awhile hasn't it? :D But hope you had a great Birthday and your still sing'n in the band.. Stay young at heart Bro. And most of all... Keep Rockin!! :cheers:
  20. Slip'nn2Darkness

    George Clinton vs Frank Zappa

    Odd pair to match up.. But both huge talents in the world of abstract music. Which get's your vote?? George Clinton / Do Fry's Come With That Shake 3EoowztCoRA Frank Zappa / Montana DO_bKdRqkuQ
  21. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Real Classic Rock Songs

    Oh Hell ya Lynch.. Great song!! ^^^ This was a cool retro comeback.. :grinthumb How about David Essex.. ROCK ON!! fR3hhc_Nfg8 REDBONE / Witch Queen Of New Orleans GHEuSGGmX-c
  22. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Real Classic Rock Songs

    I was going to post a song from way back because it was so far back I remember it on the radio when I lived in Huntington Beach California so I looked it up. Keith / 98.6 is the song but holy shit!! Keith is a long haired rocker these days..:grinthumb QnP-yxUJBIA
  23. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Real Classic Rock Songs

    I've posted this AC/DC song on here before but thought it was strange that it came out in 1976 and I never heard it played on the radio. In fact.. never heard any AC/DC on the radio in the 70's :wtf: y3lvCa5RNZI Bought Black Sabbath's album "Master Of Reality" and I'm not surprised that they...

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