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  1. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - If You Raise Your Head (original)

    The MonaLisa Twins released a new original song from their latest masterpiece album "WHY?" Inspired song with brilliant musicianship.
  2. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Junk (Paul McCartney cover)

    Mona and Lisa just posted this new video of a lesser known Paul McCartney song that they express so beautifully and elegantly. The song reminisces of times past. Ever walk into an antique store to find mementos and beautiful antiques once treasured by people, that now sit untouched looking for...
  3. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - "Make Show" - MonaLisa Twins Original

    The MonaLisa Twins released their long awaited 3rd original album "Why" today, along with a video of their single off the album "Make Show". The video is absolutely fantastic! The choreography is top notch superb. Mona and Lisa's facial expressions are so stunning and alluring, wow! I’ve never...
  4. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Kinks cover: "So Tired of Waiting"

    My heart sings with Mona and Lisa's version of this classic Kinks song. The guitar sounds soooo good, and love the harmonies they added.
  5. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Here Comes The Sun (Beatles cover)

    MonaLisa Twins posted their latest new music video, of a Beatles classic, Here Comes The Sun. Supremely beautiful with those wonderful harmonies and guitar sounds. Played with so much passion and sensitivity, evokes much emotions.
  6. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - The Kids Are Alright (Who cover)

    MonaLisa Twins just posted this new video. Their harmonies are fantastic doing amazing justice to this Who classic.
  7. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - "Count On Me" (original)

    MonaLisa Twins released a new video today for their original song "Count On Me" from their album Orange. It's a beautiful ballad, with heartwarming vocals and harmonies, and soothing guitar work. The poetic lyrics is about hope and how everything will work out, and standing by the ones you love.
  8. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - New original song/video "Questionable"

    MonaLisa Twins have posted a new single (original) for their new album coming up. The song and video is so charming with a wonderfully catchy melody. Singing and harmonies are heartwarming. The ladies are stunning.
  9. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Tonight You Belong To Me (cover)

    MonaLisa Twins posted this absolutely delightful song from nearly a 100 years ago. There are few things in this world that can bring instant joy and brighten the world like MonaLisa Twins music. And they did it again, love this, the wonderful Ukelele sound and their absolutely stunning...
  10. Jung Roe

    Songbird - New MonaLisa Twins original

    MonaLisa Twins just released a new original song of theirs. Have a listen. My reaction: I feel the song takes me on an emotional ride full of joy, sadness, tension, wonder, awe, passion, and longing. The singing and harmonies are so beautiful, the guitar work has a powerful melodic drive...
  11. Jung Roe

    John Lennon - Still A Friend of Mine (MonaLisa Twins)

    On Dec 8 1980, I remember I was in my room doing homework at night when I heard on the radio the news out of New York. The loss of John Lennon was all everyone talked about the next day. Such a tragic loss to the world of a great man. Still A Friend of Mine is a song about John Lennon written...
  12. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - I'm Looking Through You (Beatles cover)

    The MonaLisa Twins released a new video today. One of my favourite songs off of the Beatles Rubber Soul album. Mona and Lisa capture the raw essences of the song elegantly. Outstanding guitar works and vocals.
  13. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Small Faces cover)

    MonaLisa Twins posted this video today. This should liven up any Sunday Afternoon. One a golden nugget of a performance.
  14. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel cover)

    A new MonaLisa Twins video posted today, "Stuck In The Middle With You". Sounds so awesome. There's no style these ladies can't do with perfection and great finesse like they do.
  15. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - I Bought Myself a Politician (new original)

    The MonaLisa Twins just released their new single "I Bought Myself a Politician". What a brilliant song for these times. This is such a powerful and stand out song right from its very title, so many people will get behind it. Its musically superb with such a catchy melody, and the lyrics are...
  16. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Drive My Car (Beatles cover)

    The Beatles always sound so awesome when these ladies cover them in their own unique style, honoring the Beatles original.
  17. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkle cover)

    Mona and Lisa play this sublime classic so beautifully. I feel time stand still. Absolute beauty.
  18. Jung Roe

    Early ACDC with Bon Scott

    I love the dueling guitars toward the end between Angus and Malcom. One answers back the other like a conversation between the guitars. ACDC were good with their dueling guitar voice effects.
  19. Jung Roe

    Early ACDC with Bon Scott

    One of my absolute fave hard rocking bands, ACDC! Especially enjoyed their early songs. Angus and Malcom's guitar runs are hypnotic! In this one, Bon Scott is great on the bag pipes. Pretty rare for bag pipes to appear in a rock song, but they did it so good. Fits in perfectly.
  20. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Club 27 (original)

    Here is a MonaLisa Twins original rock song, just released on youtube today, honoring the many brilliant rockers we lost too soon. These 27 years old twins know how to rock, absolutely brilliantly. You've seen them here with great covers of the classic rock songs rocking out on stage, and now...
  21. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - You Really Got Me (Kinks cover), wow really rocks

    My guitar heroes! Mona's incredible rock vocals and Lisa really tears it up with those awesome lead guitar riffs. Rock and Roll at it's best! Your live album rocks, a rock and roll lovers must have album! Mona and Lisa really capture the essence of what rock and roll is all about with their...
  22. Jung Roe

    MonaLisa Twins - Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell cover)

    I didn't know it was possible to make such a sublime song even more beautiful. MonaLisa Twins somehow managed to add even more beauty with their masterful singing and musicianship with their interpretation of this Joni Mitchell masterpiece. Goosebumps all over. Makes this Canadian ultra proud.
  23. Jung Roe

    Nowhere Man Beatles cover by MonaLisa Twins

    Here is a live Beatles cover I especially like and I think they honour the Beatles with an exceptional performance.
  24. Jung Roe

    Nowhere Man Beatles cover by MonaLisa Twins

    Absolutely, no artist who respect music would ever claim, or try to pretend to be better than the Beatles. Quote from the MonaLisa Twins: "It’s hard to compete with perfection. But then, what we do has never been about “improving” on any of the songs we cover. We pick songs because we love...
  25. Jung Roe

    Some of my favourite MonaLisa Twins covers and originals

    Please Mr Postman and Wipeout (Marvettes and Surfaris cover)