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  1. OldHippie

    R.I.P. Trickster

    Gonna miss you trickster.
  2. OldHippie

    GOOD Country Music Is Alive And Kicking

    Oh yeah!!!!!
  3. OldHippie

    GOOD Country Music Is Alive And Kicking

    Two words, Johnny Cash.
  4. OldHippie

    If you had the power...

    Aw c'mon you know he's going to pick Andy Gibb.
  5. OldHippie

    GOOD Country Music Is Alive And Kicking

    This guy, damn he's good.
  6. OldHippie

    Who here plays the guitar?

    What's under the hat? I just realized, that's a left handed guitar. Cool.
  7. OldHippie

    Who here plays the guitar?

    Don't tease us.
  8. OldHippie

    Who here plays the guitar?

    My two most prized possessions. A 1970 or so Fender Twin With a JBL Bottom. Traded my buddy a Vox Super Beatle for it because a wanted to start playing bass. Wish I still had the Vox. And my 1968 Fender Telecaster that I bought in 1972 for $100 with the hardcover case. I want to be buried with...
  9. OldHippie

    Who here plays the guitar?

    The old $150 Johnson beater. Picked it up 20 years ago for 1/2 price when the guy who owned the local guitar shop retired and closed its doors.
  10. OldHippie

    Favorite Country Songs

  11. OldHippie

    Favorite Country Songs

  12. OldHippie

    Great Bands You Unapologetically Despise

    In no particular order: The Police Journey (post Steve Perry) Super Tramp Steve Miller Greg Kihn and more to come.
  13. OldHippie

    Classic song battle: Tom Petty vs. The Police

    I'd rather fill my ears with cement than listen to the Police. tom Petty
  14. OldHippie

    Iconic album battle! Cult vs. Cheap Trick

    Depending on my mood. The Cult when I want to hear some finally crafted music. Cheap Trick when I'm in the mood for swilling beer.
  15. OldHippie

    Country Music Recommendations

    Hank IV
  16. OldHippie

    Yola (Carter)

    My first thought was WTF is this? Then she sang. WOW just WOW.
  17. OldHippie

    Songs That Stayed....

    1965, 11 years old, this is the first song That really said something to me. When I hear this song today it feels just like it did back then.
  18. OldHippie


    Greetings, sit back, post often and enjoy the ride.
  19. OldHippie

    New Loretta Lynn album

    Oh man, I can’t wait to hear it
  20. OldHippie

    Them Dirty Roses

  21. OldHippie

    Them Dirty Roses

    Another You Tube find.
  22. OldHippie

    The Josephines

    Ran across these guys today on a Tyler Childers mix on You Tube.
  23. OldHippie

    Cody Jinks

    Another reason to love country music.