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  1. rockgoddess1968

    International Slayer Day! 2010

    I expect I'll still have Slayer ringing in my ears as I'm seeing them on 2nd June! \m/
  2. rockgoddess1968

    New Ozzy Album Cover

    Looking forward to this!
  3. rockgoddess1968

    Favorite bands of the British Invasion?

    The Kinks and The Who
  4. rockgoddess1968

    Five Finger Death Punch (Official Thread)

    Re: Five Finger Death Punch One of my favourite bands at the moment! Saw them live last November and they were as awesome \m/ The second album hasn't grabbed me as much as the first, but it's still an excellent cd.
  5. rockgoddess1968


    I only have 'Scars' but it's a great album. Really like this band
  6. rockgoddess1968

    Top 10 metal albums

    In no particular order 1. Metallica - Ride The Lightning 2. Slayer - South Of Heaven 3. Machine Head - The Blackening 4. Five Finger Death Punch - The Way Of The Fist 5. Devildriver - Pray For Villians 6. Mastodon - Crack The Skye 7. Exodus - Bonded By Blood 8. Pantera - Vulgar Display...
  7. rockgoddess1968

    Songs for when you're angry

    Machine Head - Aesthetics Of Hate
  8. rockgoddess1968

    Pink Floyd (Official Thread)

    Re: Pink Floyd I must be in the minority....... The Final Cut makes my top 3 Pink Floyd albums.
  9. rockgoddess1968

    Kreator (Official Thread)

    Re: Kreator I only have 'Pleasure To Kill' which I really like alot. Will definitely be getting more from them though, thanks for the recommendations :)
  10. rockgoddess1968

    Who you into right now ??

    I'm totally into Dream Theater and Five Finger Death Punch at the moment!!
  11. rockgoddess1968

    Top 5 Hair metal bands of the 80's

    1. Bon Jovi 2. Skid Row 3. Whitesnake 4. Motley Crue 5. Cinderella
  12. rockgoddess1968

    What is.......Doom Metal

    Re: What is.....Doom Metal? Candlemass are one of my favourite doom metal bands, I'll be checking out some of the other bands you've mentioned too.
  13. rockgoddess1968

    Iron Maiden North American tourdates

    Shame I live in the U.K :( I would love to see both these bands!
  14. rockgoddess1968

    Your Top ABC's Bands

    Both bands are awesome live! :grinthumb
  15. rockgoddess1968

    Your Top ABC's Bands

    Alice in Chains Buck Cherry Cradle Of Filfth Dream Theater Exodus Five Finger Death Punch Guns 'N Roses Heaven & Hell ICON Judas Priest Kayser Lamb Of God Metallica Nightwish Opeth Pink Floyd Queenryche Richie Sambora Slayer Tool UFO Velvet Revolver Whitesnake Xenochord...
  16. rockgoddess1968

    Skid Row (Official Thread)

    Re: Skid Row I absolutely love Skid Row, he could belt out some of the most amazing rock power ballads of that era!! In A Darkened Room, I Remember You, 18 and many great songs!! Here's a couple of my favourites DnbAOXtFJyM e_E-XFrcGZM
  17. rockgoddess1968

    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official The Darkness Thread I have 'Permission To Land' haven't listened to it for years though. I actually prefer the breakaway band, which featured all members with the exception of Justin.......The Stone Gods, if you haven't heard them check them out.
  18. rockgoddess1968

    Sexy men in music!

    My siggy has my favourite men in rock/metal in it :)
  19. rockgoddess1968

    Iced Earth (Official Thread)

    Re: Iced Earth The only Iced Earth Album I have is Framing Armageddon, but seeing this thread, will definitely have to check out some more.
  20. rockgoddess1968

    So bad they're almost good--cover songs from hell

    Children Of Bodom - covering..........Britney Spears :rolleyes: A terrible song...somehow made worse....or not...can't GqyIlsP-7YU
  21. rockgoddess1968

    Machine Head (Official Thread)

    Re: Machine Head Another couple of favourite tracks Descend The Shades Of Night xh1DQR7H2KE Davidian rCJ2HXi8FMc
  22. rockgoddess1968

    Machine Head (Official Thread)

    Re: Machine Head Davidian and Old are fantastic live :oy: If you liked Burn My Eyes, I'd definitely recommend the last two albums
  23. rockgoddess1968

    Machine Head (Official Thread)

    Re: Machine Head I actually think The Burning Red is one of their weaker albums........I love them all, but that and The More Things Change are the two weaker ones for me. Up until last week I'd only ever seen them as a support act for Metallica and at a festival, to see them headline a...
  24. rockgoddess1968

    Machine Head (Official Thread)

    Re: Machine Head Their vocals are a mix of clean melodic vocals and agressive style vocals..........personally their best albums for me are Through The Ashes Of Empires (standout tracks for me include...Imperium, Elegy and Descend The Shades Of Night) and The Blackening...standout...
  25. rockgoddess1968

    Yer Shuffle

    Slayer - Pyschopathy Red Opeth - The Grand Conjuration Skeletonwitch - Sacrifice For The Slaughter Dragonforce - A Flame For Freedom Ozzy Osbourne - Centre Of Eternity Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll Aerosmith - Rag Doll Amon Amarth - Guardians of Asgard Shinedown - Fly From The Inside...