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  1. R. Evans


    Fire Lake easily.:grinthumb Seven Bridges Road is just plain bad.
  2. R. Evans

    Worst album you have?

    Another one I bought and can't stand except for one song. I was thinking the whole album would be like Classical Gas. Believe me, it's not.:shock:
  3. R. Evans

    Worst album you have?

    I'm a big Neil Young fan and have alot of his albums. But this I've listened to twice and that was over 20 years ago. Rockabilly does just not suit Neil Young. Wretched album. Although for some reason I still have it.:wtf:
  4. R. Evans

    Ballads of the 70's - Part One

    Alice Cooper
  5. R. Evans

    Rock And Roll Booty Call

    Knockin' At Your Back Door
  6. R. Evans

    Forecast is wet...

    Let It Rain
  7. R. Evans

    Bartender! Another round!

    Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
  8. R. Evans

    Bruce Springsteen (Official Thread)

    Wrecking Ball is on hold until I hear all of The Promise. And no, I don't have any bootlegs. Haven't even seen any to tell the truth.
  9. R. Evans

    Bruce Springsteen (Official Thread)

    I was wrong SFE about The Promise. It doesn't have a DVD with it, it's a 2-disc set.:uh: Still quite happy with it though. Brings my collection of official releases to the point where just one is missing and that's the Live In Dublin album. But it will soon be mine, oh yes, soon...:D
  10. R. Evans

    Rock's Most Overrated Songs

    And you gotta wonder whether or not they actually wrote it.:heheh:
  11. R. Evans

    We had a 'Rock 'n Roll Doctor' at 'My Old School'

    One of Steely Dan's best.:grinthumb
  12. R. Evans

    Out and about...

    The Boss by a bazillion miles!:D
  13. R. Evans

    Dance Lessons!

    I like Don Henley but that song sucks! The Boss all the way.:grinthumb
  14. R. Evans

    Animalistic Part One

    Very close but Year Of The Cat gets the vote.
  15. R. Evans

    Animalistic Part Two

    Monkey Man with The Lion Sleeps Tonight a close 2nd.
  16. R. Evans

    Van Halen

    Best Of Both Worlds just because the other is overrated/overplayed.:D
  17. R. Evans

    Rock's Most Overrated Songs

    ^^:oyea: Now that's funny!
  18. R. Evans

    Rock's Most Overrated Songs

    My suggestion to them would be to get thicker skin.:D You took my slagging of the Doors in good spirit and I would take it in the same way if you slammed Van Morrison or Blue Oyster Cult. Thin Lizzy of course is off limits. Same with the Boss. Slam those two, and we're throwing down!:D...
  19. R. Evans

    ***SXSW 2012 Keynote Speech***

    Great set list although I'm surprised that you didn't take him to task for not including Jungleland.:D (kidding)
  20. R. Evans

    Rock's Most Overrated Songs

    Nah, no one got offended just a little bored with my arguing over what is overrated and what is overplayed.:hurry: All's well SFE, so let loose with your picks for overrated and overplayed.:grinthumb
  21. R. Evans

    Rock's Most Overrated Songs

    In all honesty, anything by RHCP fits the bill as overrated and overplayed. Even if I've never heard it, it's overplayed.:D
  22. R. Evans

    Rock's Most Overrated Songs

    Okay, since it's now been established that this is fan-based overrated I'm cutting loose.:D The End by the Boors (Doors)- what an overblown, pretentious, narcissistic piece of shit this is. Could we be anymore self-involved?:uh: Give It Away by Red Hot Peppers (Assholes par excellence)-...
  23. R. Evans

    ***SXSW 2012 Keynote Speech***

    I liked where he named all the genres of rock. And then after it was all said and done, add neo and post and name them all again.:oyea: