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  1. Big Ears

    What's your favorite Beatles song?

    The Abbey Road Medley (original):
  2. Big Ears

    Last In Line - "Landslide" (Official Music Video)

    Thanks for posting. Great guitar playing as one might expect from Viv away from DL. I also liked Vinny's 'less is more' drumming. A pity that the camera does not show the bass playing, as Phil Soussan gives them bite. I am not sure about the vocals, but they may grow on me yet.
  3. Big Ears

    Dio/Rainbow-ish bands?

    You've lost me.
  4. Big Ears

    Dio/Rainbow-ish bands?

    Yes, why not?
  5. Big Ears

    Dire Straits to Play Rock Hall Induction Without Mark Knopfler

    ^ None of the big earners live in the UK, because of the tax laws. He may have a home(s) here, in bricks and mortar, and may be here for a few weeks of the year, but that's all. From the government tax office (which is reliable). Notice the 'UK residence and tax' and 'Work out your residence...
  6. Big Ears

    Dio/Rainbow-ish bands?

    White Rat sound pretty good to me:
  7. Big Ears

    Lindsey Buckingham Leaves Fleetwood Mac, Mike Campbell Joins the Group

    I am a Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac fan first and foremost, but Buckingham Nicks (and Perfect) recreated the band with strength. Bob Welch kept the group going and without him there would probably not have been a Buckingham Nicks version of the band. His reward was a kick in the teeth. It had...
  8. Big Ears

    Dire Straits to Play Rock Hall Induction Without Mark Knopfler

    Keyboard player Alan Clark did not notice David Knopfler's absence: "The final Straitsman who attended the ceremony, keyboardist Alan Clark, is a bit more laid-back about the whole situation. “A great time was had by all. Except Mark who, as you’re probably aware, stayed at home,” he wrote on...
  9. Big Ears

    Dire Straits to Play Rock Hall Induction Without Mark Knopfler

    Perhaps for part of the journey, although my guess is that he does not live in the UK. In any case, I meant it figuratively.
  10. Big Ears

    Michael Schenker Group (MSG)

    I could never get into the Bardens, Macauley, Bonnet versions of MSG (I haven't heard them with Leif Sundin). Macauley's voice does nothing for me, so I must be missing something. Kelly Keeling was a good match on The Unforgiven, recorded around the time of UFO's Covenant, and they should've...
  11. Big Ears

    Dire Straits to Play Rock Hall Induction Without Mark Knopfler

    David Knopfler is short of a bus fare?
  12. Big Ears

    Tracks Opening With Drums: Led Zeppelin

    When the Levee Breaks has the better drumming and is the better track. It is probably my favourite Zeppelin track, but I am not really a fan.
  13. Big Ears

    Tracks Opening With Drums: Deep Purple

    Ian Paice's drumming on Fireball is pretty powerful throughout, to the extent he drives a band of drivers. I voted for Fireball. In writing this reply, I wrote almost an essay extolling the virtues of Ian Paice, but thought better of it and deleted them. Suffice to say, he remains somewhat...
  14. Big Ears

    PopSpots: The exact locations of album cover photos

    A very detailed site and the FB page is fantastic. A European equivalent would be interesting, but it would take a lot of time and equipment. It is probably a young person's job!
  15. Big Ears

    Favorite 50's Singer.

    Johnny Cash and all of his fifties (Sun Records) material. I like a number of those mentioned in this thread and would add Frankie Laine and Guy Mitchell.
  16. Big Ears

    Do you still listen to local radio stations?

    Yes, although it is 'station' singular - BBC local radio. I am not into the chart material, but I listen to the gardening, easy listening, country, soul/smooth jazz and big band programmes. They are an education. We have no rock radio and, if we did, it would be commercial and not my cup of tea...
  17. Big Ears

    Jimi Hendrix Experience (Official Thread)

    I don't know where this was recorded, but I wish I had been there:
  18. Big Ears

    Robin Trower (Official Thread)

    Despite the absence of the great Jim Dewar, this track has the great Davey Pattison on vocals, while the experienced Pete Thompson and the returning Dave Bronze make a pretty good rhythm section. In the Dewar days, I liked Trower as a second voice, but I do not want to hear him as a lead singer...
  19. Big Ears

    1978: The Cars or Parallel Lines?

    Blondie, for consistency.
  20. Big Ears

    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Waiting For a Sign (2018)

    I absolutely loved the guitar playing, but Blackmore needs a vocalist with a lot of charisma to act as a foil (like Gillan, Dio, Bonnet, JLT). I found this singer's raspy voice grates somewhat. Blackmore also seems to want an anodyne band to slip into the background (unlike MLS, Bain, Birch...
  21. Big Ears

    King Crimson (Official Thread)

    Despite the musicians involved, Red is overrated. It has a catchy riff, which they repeat throughout the album, but it becomes monotonous after a while. Red does not come close to ITCOTCK, while Wetton, Jobson and Bruford went on to make much better albums as UK. Some people like the Discipline...
  22. Big Ears

    Foreigner "Double Vision" Official Video Live with 21st Century Symphony

    I would swap the whole orchestra for Ian McDonald, but this lineup is not Foreigner anyway. It seems to me that the original band need to take back ownership of the name and then sack the one doing the hiring and firing. The first two albums remain their best.
  23. Big Ears

    What were your top 5 albums the year you were 16.

    The question needs some clarification. Do you mean five albums released in the year that I turned 16, the year after, or from any year before?
  24. Big Ears

    Joe Bonamassa (Official Thread)

    I do not understand why he would rather perform and release old material like this, when he could record his own modern greats with BCC. He would have to really go some to improve on Beck and Stewart's version of Plynth. Nicky Hopkins played the piano and I think he had a writing credit too...

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