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  1. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Alice Cooper - the early stuff

    I got a CD called The World of Alice Cooper - Nobody Likes Me on the Trace label, even though it was released in 1992, it is definitely his early stuff. Tracks are 1. Painting A Picture. 2. Freak Out song. 3. Nobody Likes Me. 4. I've Written Home to Mother. 5. A.C. Instrumental. 6. Science...
  2. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Can someone help please

    Most probably whoever signed it, had bought it as a present for 'Brian', knowing that Brian liked Buddy Holly!
  3. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Sad News for Frank Marino Fans

    You can always go to Frank's site and get his later releases that he remastered himself, and at least he will get his 'dues ' from these purchases. I know that it doesn't cover some of his earlier releases but that is down to Sony (CBS) getting him to sign his rights away...
  4. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Sad News for Frank Marino Fans

    Well I never thought this would happen, well not this soon anyway, but basically Frank has called in his retirement from the music world. So anyone that had tickets for his 2021 tour will be very disappointed as he has had to cancel that as well. Here's the explanation from Frank himself.
  5. Mahogany Rush Steve

    EDDIE VAN HALEN Dead At 65

    Condolences to all family, friends and fans!
  6. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne drummer Lee Kerslake dead at 73

    ondolences to all his family and friends..... and fans!
  7. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Welsh rockers MAN

    I think this is one of the best live Man tracks of all time.
  8. Mahogany Rush Steve

    38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd Bassist Larry Junstrom Dies at 70

    Condolences to Larry's family and friends. Skynyrd are a great band whatever lineup they used.
  9. Mahogany Rush Steve

    ’The Simpsons’ to Recreate Queen’s ‘Live Aid’ Performance

    Strangely enough this episode & the Live Aid concert at London's Wembley Stadium is in season 31 for the Simpsons, but is not being shown in the U.K. On the Freeview channels over here, channel 4 airs the Simpsons and we are ony up to season 26. Since Live aid was in 1985, 34 years has passed...
  10. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Sad Passing Of Barrie Masters.

    R.I.P. Barrie. condolences to all his family and friends. Great band.
  11. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Updated title: R.I.P. GINGER BAKER

    R.I.P. Ginger. Condolences to all his family and friends.
  12. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Official Trailer for Frank Marino "Live at the Agora"

    Southern comfort these are two of my favourite tracks!
  13. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Updated title: R.I.P. GINGER BAKER

    Glad to hear that he's holding his own.
  14. Mahogany Rush Steve

    ☆War Songs☆

    This is how Guit War is played live renamed Electric Reflections Of War
  15. Mahogany Rush Steve

    ☆War Songs☆

    Studio version Mahogany Rush - Guit War
  16. Mahogany Rush Steve

    ☆War Songs☆

    Also included on his finally released Blu-Ray & DVD box set
  17. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Woman Like You (Official Music Video)

    I couldn't access it from the link above, I just get the message video unavailable!
  18. Mahogany Rush Steve

    'Little Girls' in lyrics and sometimes in a creepy way

    Hi MarnixE, Some of the lyrics of these songs may just be observations made by the writer of the lyrics. Jethro Tull's - Aqualung for instance could have been that Ian Anderson had observed this in a park somewhere, I don't think he was writing about himself somehow. I know many years ago...
  19. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush DVD announcement

    Well it's finally out, and this is how he is going to get the word out, his website Facebook, and his dedicated fans spreading the word. A lot of fans are ordering more than one copy to send to friends etc. Anyway, for those who my be interested, This EPIC 6-hour live...
  20. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush DVD announcement

    Not exactly correct, this is exactly the type of thing that Frank has been fighting all of his career, misquotes that basically the press put out about him, or made up by the record companies to make money out of him, they still hold most of the rights to his music, so he hasn't really seen any...
  21. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush DVD announcement

    Willy Parsons set up Frank's website and informed us that Frank's DVD is about to be released. Frank has worked on this for the past 8 years plus, correcting the sound tracks that was totally buggered. A couple of excerpts can be seen on Youtube, namely The Answer & Little Town of Bethlehem...
  22. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Songs Of 1983 - Add List (50)

    1. The Trooper - Iron Maiden 2. Gimme All Your Lovin' - ZZ Top 3. Holy Diver - Dio 4. Let's Dance - David Bowie 5. New Years Day- U2 6. She's a Beauty - The Tubes 7. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top 8. Say Say Say - Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson 9. Little Red Corvette - Prince 10. Texas Flood -...
  23. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Dig deep... I need your help I Can only find "Hitler's Bikini" and "Hitler Stole My Potato" at the URL given above

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