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  1. Rob1

    Quiet Songs.

  2. Rob1

    Quiet Songs.

  3. Rob1

    The song stuck in your head thread!

    My Nieces have to do Face-time with Grandparents every week, and they dread it. I play a song a few minutes before it's time and it's stuck in all of our heads now. It's a hilarious ritual. Do doo loot do doo do loot do do............
  4. Rob1

    Favorite Country Songs

  5. Rob1

    Quiet Songs.

  6. Rob1

    Quiet Songs.

  7. Rob1

    Quiet Songs.

    Cutting Crew “I Just Died In Your Arms”
  8. Rob1

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

  9. Rob1

    GOOD Country Music Is Alive And Kicking

    Rock a Billy FTW -.- \m/
  10. Rob1

    Favorite 50's Singer.

    Such a cool Era. I'm not even gonna touch it. ok, I might. Male~ Bobby Darin ~ Dream Lover~ Female~ Chantels ~Maybe~
  11. Rob1

    Heart (Official Thread)

    They still got it.
  12. Rob1

    Quiet Songs.

  13. Rob1

    Iconic debut album battle!! KISS vs. Van Halen

    :nana::bdh: Gene SimmonZ axe Bass guitar owns.
  14. Rob1

    GOOD Country Music Is Alive And Kicking

    Diamond Rio ~Meet In The Middle~
  15. Rob1

    Not permitted to view forums

    1st Amendment is toast via social media. It's only going to get worse and I feel sorry for those that don't know what it is.
  16. Rob1

    Chuck Berry (Official Thread)

    I'm sure it's been posted far to many times that I can enumerate. Rock God
  17. Rob1

    Cover Or Original.

  18. Rob1

    Favorite Artists of the 90s

    If I were limited to one 90's song stuck on an everlasting loop...... Can you possibly find a better badass tune from the 90z? I think Not.
  19. Rob1

    Lesser known 90's bands

    Puddle Of Mudd I'm from Missouri, so they get an honorable mention.

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