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  1. Radagast

    ELP : Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Official Thread)

    Yes, it's vintage but like fine wine. Give the masters a listen, they deserve their Hall of Fame status. :bow: :geetar::bow:
  2. Radagast

    Chris Squire RIP

    To say that Chris Squire was a virtuoso would not come close to describing his incredible talent. We are fortunate and blessed that his music will live on. I feel a personal loss with his passing and wish to console his family by saying that he was loved and will be remembered. I hold a...
  3. Radagast

    Founding YES Bassist CHRIS SQUIRE Diagnosed With Leukemia

    Chris Squire, a bass virtuoso, will be in our thoughts and prayers. It was my privileged to see him perform with YES many years ago. I still resonates with me as did seeing John Entwistle play with The Who. Get well soon Mr Squire ! :geetar:
  4. Radagast

    Rest In Peace B.B. KING

    The Thrill will remain ! BPlsqo2bk2M :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:
  5. Radagast

    B. B. King (Official Thread)

    The Kings Music Will Live On ! Rest in Peace B.B.King :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:
  6. Radagast

    The Standard

    If not Marshall, then what are you using ? :geetar::guitar::headbang
  7. Radagast

    B. B. King (Official Thread)

    The shame is that he is not dead yet and there is already a fight over his money ! :wa
  8. Radagast

    Willie Nelson

  9. Radagast

    Willie Nelson

    Dynamite !! :pimp:
  10. Radagast

    King Crimson Are Working on New Material

    So am I to not be treated to Greg Lake as well. O well, I can still look forward to an upcoming "YES"recording. :bow:Dedicated ELP fan :bow:
  11. Radagast

    Glen Campbell

    Glen Campbell's show was something of a variety show. He had a regular cast of musicians and comedy players. In addition , guest entertainers performed solo and with Glen. Comedy sketches were placed throughout the show. It was well produced and rated quite well. I've never been a Country...
  12. Radagast

    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    Kashmir, is not only my favorite Led Zepplin song, it is my all time favorite song. I have asked that it be played for my funeral when I die. :bow::bow::bow:
  13. Radagast

    Percy Sledge Dies

    REST IN PEACE, Percy Sledge . :bow::bow::bow:
  14. Radagast

    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    Acoustic songs of the 70's ? Jim Croce's, "Cats in the Cradle".
  15. Radagast

    The Standard

  16. Radagast

    Physical Graffiti vs The Wall

    I just love getting physical Jodi ! LOL :blush:
  17. Radagast

    Sammy Hagar comments on Van Halen's live album

    Sammy Hagar, can you say sour grapes ? :woot::wa:woot:
  18. Radagast

    Pray for BB King

    I'm a bit surprised that one of the legends of music gets so little respect. B.B. King will live forever with those that can appreciate the Blues. At 89 he has seen better days, but he will leave behind a collection of music that will challenge many future generations to even approach ...
  19. Radagast

    R. E. M. (Official Thread)

    Good music, just don't loose your religion ! LOL :):):)
  20. Radagast

    Jimi Hendrix Experience (Official Thread)

    He showed us the way as much as The Beatles or Buddy Holly !
  21. Radagast

    Pray for BB King

    89 year old Blues Master B.B.King has been Hospitalized in Los Angeles , Cal. He has suffered with Diabetes for decades. Let the world pray for this great man ! :bow::bow::bow: :mp::mp::mp:
  22. Radagast

    Radiohead (Official Thread)

    Many thanks, I wish I knew more about life in South Africa. Would you care to share in a thread, I'll support it ! :)
  23. Radagast

    Frank Sinatra (Official Thread)

    Frank Sinatra was and his recordings still are among the all time greats of music. He may not appeal to many today, but in the time in which he lived, he was a Giant ! :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:
  24. Radagast

    Radiohead (Official Thread)

    Did they record ,"Mexican Radio" ? :rolleyes:
  25. Radagast

    The Band (Official Thread)

    Get Busy Folks ! A great Band that truly deserves more credit . Post your Videos here in this thread. Thank You !

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