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  1. TheFeldster

    RIP Donald 'Duck' Dunn

    Very shocked and saddened by this news. Duck was one of music's great characters. RIP :( :rip:
  2. TheFeldster

    New Jimi Hendrix Film

    I'm worried about this. One, there's a pretty poor track record for rappers-turned-actors. I don't like to generalize, but this Andre person better do Jimi justice. Secondly, they can't use Jimi's music. What kind of biopic doesn't use Jimi's music? Hopefully they're allowed to at least record...
  3. TheFeldster

    Men at Work flautist Greg Ham found dead

    Sad news for Aussie music, with flautist Greg Ham, famous for writing the flute riff for his band Men at Work's hit song, "Down Under", found dead in his Melbourne home. A police investigation is underway, and foul play hasn't been ruled out. Apparently Ham was upset for many of his later...
  4. TheFeldster

    Out with the Sal, in with the Gab!

    You're name gets weirder every time you change it man. What's wrong with Genesis123 or something simple to remember? :tongue:
  5. TheFeldster

    RIP Jim Marshall

    Didn't know much about the man, but as a guitarist, I owe a lot to him - not least for the amplifier I have sitting upstairs right this minute. RIP Jim Marshall. From what I've read, you were a great guy.
  6. TheFeldster

    Steely Dan Or Supertramp

    I like both bands - a lot. But Supertramp have more songs that fight for my Top 10 favourite songs on any given day (there's a few Steely Dan songs that do that too - in fact there's well over 100 songs that vie for spots 2-10 in my Top 10, Taxman's pretty much wrapped up top spot most days...
  7. TheFeldster

    Cold Chisel (Official Thread)

    Hmm, if when you say "Jimmy Barnes" you're including Cold Chisel, then I'd say East. If it's purely for his solo career, then I'd say For the Working Class Man. As for the Angels (and I'm assuming you mean the Australian rock band), then I'd suggest checking out either the s/t debut or Face to...
  8. TheFeldster

    Karaoke and You

    I just get annoyed when they put on, say, 10 ABBA songs in a row. I don't mind ABBA, but I like a bit of variety. Otherwise, just say "We're having an ABBA Karaoke night" so I know what I'm in for. I'm picking on ABBA here, but it can work for another artist. I tend to argue for the rule of...
  9. TheFeldster

    Karaoke and You

    I went karaoke-ing in a big group in Sydney in January. I got bored pretty quickly of everyone picking the "flavour of the month" pop songs, or Disney songs. They're alright, but it could be so much more. So I picked 2 songs over the night to sing - "With a Little Help With My Friends" by the...
  10. TheFeldster

    TheSound Update

    I too missed the original thread, but all the best for your wife's recovery man. Good to see it's on track. All the best mate :)
  11. TheFeldster

    Vince Lovegrove, Australian Music Pioneer, Dies In Car Accident

    Read about that on the Cold Chisel Facebook page. Very sad news, RIP
  12. TheFeldster

    "The King!" Elvis Presley (Official Thread)

    I've got that comeback concert on DVD somewhere. Brilliant watch, Elvis at his finest IMO.
  13. TheFeldster

    The BEATLES (Official Thread)

    I definitely approve. Great album. Also, Adelaide commercial radio is breaking the mold here. As I speak, they've decided that they'll actually play a Beatles song on the radio. It's only "Let It Be" (when they start playing "Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" I'll be really impressed), but...
  14. TheFeldster

    Rage Against/Dylan Video for Amnesty International

    I got lucky apparently. I saw him about a year ago in a double bill with B.B. King, and Bob was on his best behaviour. You didn't see his face (that WOULD be asking too much) but he played his songs with class, his voice was a good as you can expect from a post-80's Bob Dylan. And he played...
  15. TheFeldster

    Michael Hossack of the Doobie Brothers dies

    I quite like the Doobie Brothers. Sad to hear this news. RIP mate :rip:
  16. TheFeldster

    Rage Against/Dylan Video for Amnesty International

    I should see if I can get my hands on this. As much as I love Bob Dylan's work on it's own, I also acknowledge Bob's shortcomings as a performing musician. With Dylan's remarkable songwriting and the musical abilities of some of the greats, his songs can move bloody mountains if they wanted to...
  17. TheFeldster

    Happy Birthday That 70's Guy!!!

    Happy birthday 70's Guy! Have a rockin' day :)
  18. TheFeldster

    Sammy Hagar hasn't heard the new Van Halen album

    I've just been on the phone to Rolling Stone guys. It's just that I haven't heard the latest Katy Perry album yet, and I felt the world really should know just what I'm not listening to. Once the hype from that dies down, I might go and follow it up with my lack of experience with Justin...
  19. TheFeldster

    Montrose and Gamma guitarist Ronnie Montrose passes away

    Very sad news indeed. We're losing rock musicians at a huge rate right now. It's just not fair :( :rip:
  20. TheFeldster

    Gynger Lynn Back In Hollywood 2012!

    Sounds brilliant man. If I finish my Hollywood <--> Adelaide teleportation system in time, I'd love to pop in :heheh:
  21. TheFeldster

    CRF's A-Z Greatest Bands IMO Build Off!

    Q: QUEEN Do I really need to explain this pick?
  22. TheFeldster

    Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dead at Age 66

    Very sad news indeed. I must say I was caught off-guard when I heard it on the radio - I didn't think his time was coming at all. I might have to play a few Monkees tunes when I get home tonight. RIP Davy.
  23. TheFeldster

    CRF's A-Z Greatest Bands IMO Build Off!

    H: HOODOO GURUS Classic Australian rock band, formed in the 1980's and continuing to release great albums to this very day. Many of their songs are loved by people of all ages still today. ugA5bLqivkY
  24. TheFeldster

    Ringo Starr (Official Thread)

    Love Snookeroo man. I think that and the "No No Song", and maybe "A Dose of Rock 'N Roll" are his catchiest tunes. At least, they're the ones that get stuck in my brain most often.
  25. TheFeldster

    "Stones on the verge of a tour."- Ron Wood

    I don't think they're dropping off any time soon. B.B. King is still touring for christ's sake! He's pushing 90. Even Chuck Berry does shows now and again. Nothing's going to keep a rocker off the stage if they can help it. As for the ticket prices, I guess if you could earn that money, who...

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