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  1. Black Dahlia

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    I can’t believe I don’t have this on vinyl.
  2. Black Dahlia

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    "The Prophet" Yes (1970) He was lost, and in his trust he found a new meaning...
  3. Black Dahlia

    What Are You Listening To? (videos only)

    "Back On The Road Again" REO Speedwagon (1979, Live 1981) ...we both know the life I'm livin', And we both know the reason why.
  4. Black Dahlia

    What Are You Listening To? (videos only)

    "Monkey On Your Back" Aldo Nova (1983) She found a dragon that bites, a hole in her arm at night...
  5. Black Dahlia

    Beautiful Videos

    As unbelievable as it sounds, this is not a typical Kate Bush song and video. Which is why it is all the more special. This song and video is dreamlike... I get lost in it every time. Delius (Song Of Summer) - Kate Bush (1980)
  6. Black Dahlia


    I remember seeing the video for "Rock Me Tonite" and thinking nothing odd about it. Just a star doing what stars did in the mid-1980's. A bit over-the-top, maybe, but big deal... Billy Squire was a rock-and-roll star. Dancing was kind of a thing (and a fashion) back then, with Flashdance and...
  7. Black Dahlia

    What Are You Listening To? (videos only)

    "Silver Spoon" Paul Kantner / Grace Slick (1971) Where are the bodies for dinner? I want my food!
  8. Black Dahlia

    Great Bands You Unapologetically Despise

    Queen I don't really see what all the hype is about, really. The operatic vocals just rub me the wrong way. If I never heard another Queen song, it would be too soon. Lynyrd Skynyrd Again, I don't see what all the hype is about. Overplayed on the radio, I don't need to hear another song by them...
  9. Black Dahlia

    Fleetwood Mac (Official Thread)

    Thank you!! There are about 6 albums between the Peter Green/blues years and the Buckingham/Nicks years, all of which are very good albums. Christine McVie has been associated with Fleetwood Mac almost from the beginning. She plays on every studio album except the first one and the last one...
  10. Black Dahlia

    What Are You Listening To? (videos only)

    “Santa Fe” Eilen Jewell 2011 The mountain towns burned red, consumed by a sunset; I'd be happy disappearing under colors like that.
  11. Black Dahlia

    In Car Tunes...

    “Sausalito Summer Night” Diesel (1980)
  12. Black Dahlia

    What Music DVD Are You Watching

    The Hollies documentary "Look Through Any Window 1963-1975" Love the clips of the band recording "On A Carousel" at EMI Studios.
  13. Black Dahlia

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    “Rock And Roll Rebel” Ozzy Osbourne (1983) God only knows, why they couldn't see the obvious...
  14. Black Dahlia

    Recommend some newer Rush songs.

    You may like the Counterparts album from 1993. It was a return to their hard-rock beginnings. Alex said that he dug out his old gear from the early days for this album. It is a really good album... very different from the AOR albums that came before it. I did not care too much for Hold Your...
  15. Black Dahlia

    20 Times in a Row: What is a classic rock song you love so much...

    #3 "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth" Meat Loaf (1977) #2 "American Pie" - Don McLean (1971) and this one: "Twilight Zone" Golden Earring (1982) Somewhere in a lonely motel room there's a guy startin' to realize that eternal fate has turned it's back on him.
  16. Black Dahlia

    Moody Blues’ Ray Thomas Dies at 76

    ", n-n-no he's outside looking in." Bless you, Mr. Ray Thomas. The Moody Blues would not have been the same, were it not for your writing, your flute, and your voice. :(:):(:)
  17. Black Dahlia


    I just started listening to opera. Turns out that I'm starting pret much at the top, with madam Callas. She is everywhere I search and look... except in the thrift stores!
  18. Black Dahlia


    Just got this in the mail today!
  19. Black Dahlia

    Favorite Country Songs

    Ahh... the early 90's country revolution, line dancing... country was cool again. "Beer And Bones" John Michael Montgomery (1992) I ain't had a bite, since the night, that you said we're through...
  20. Black Dahlia

    Black Night vs How Many More Times

    Black Night I wish I had the 7" single of this early Deep Purple hit.
  21. Black Dahlia

    Songs Of 1997 Add List (50)

    1. Shadow of the Sun - Paul Rodgers 2. Fuel - Metallica 3. Song 2 - Blur 4. Ashes to Ashes - Faith No More 5. Gone Away - The Offspring 6. Time Will Tell - Royal Hunt 7. Touch, Peel and Stand - Days of the New 8. Man of Sorrows - Bruce Dickinson 9. Blue on Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd 10. Too...
  22. Black Dahlia

    Freewill VS Freewheel Burning

    Goin' with Freewheel Burning.
  23. Black Dahlia

    Saxon vs Scorpions vs Thin Lizzy vs UFO

    UFO They are all close, but I favor UFO today! :rolleyes:
  24. Black Dahlia

    Highway Star VS Highway To Hell VS Heading Out To The Highway

    Highway To Hell My friends are gonna be there too!
  25. Black Dahlia

    Rocket Queen or Unchained?

    Another great pair of songs that rock! Rocket Queen :geetar: :drummin::guitar:

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