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  1. joker1961

    The Sonic Dawn

    The Sonic Dawn Formed in 2013 They have four albums: After 3 albums, this is still their best work. Delicious nostalgic 60's psychedelia from start to end. Choosing a favorite track is next to impossible, since there are no bad ones. Favorite track: Lonely Parade. Trippy,Fuzzy...
  2. joker1961

    Best Traffic Live Album

    Out of these two live album which is the better one... Welcome To The Canteen Or On The Road
  3. joker1961

    Which Rush Epic Is You Favourite

    Which of theses to epic tracks is the better one
  4. joker1961

    Johnathan Wilson

    Johnathan Wilson Couldn't believe what I was hearing the first time I heard Johnathan Wilson phew! unique a one off! so I started this thread...
  5. joker1961

    Medeski, Martin and Wood

    where do I start well the three musicians have the sheer musicianship to pull off there free-form jazz funk masterpieces to the highest quality even when there locked in a jamming out the song! I`ve championed this trio for some years now. but haven't been lucky in finding a other person whom...
  6. joker1961

    Echolyn Glass Hammer Rocket Scientists & Discipline (Prog USA)

    Phew! the tread is for the four progressive rock bands from U.S.A for this first post I`ve hmmm got youtube vid`s to show yous a little piece of these bands music then the hopefully loads of chatting........
  7. joker1961

    Spock`s Beard

    are there any others here whom like the progressive rock band Spock`s Beard. here?
  8. joker1961

    Lief or Holidays?

    which of these two iconic folk albums is the better one?
  9. joker1961

    Trouble, Lid, Blackfinger, Eric Wagner and The Skull

    wow the amazing Eric Wagner has been the vocalist of the mighty doom band TROUBLE. he fronted the band from `79 to `07 he`s also in the bands Lid/Blackfinger/Skull imho all of them are well worth checking out............have a listen below
  10. joker1961

    Blind Boys Of Alabama Thread

    cannot rate these guys highly enough truly gifted vocalists here`s a few clips to show yous hope yous enjoy the clips and hope to see yous around here
  11. joker1961

    Mirror Queen Thread

    I`ve been a fan of Mirror Queen for sometime now cannot understand why no one else here is a fan ah! its cool if you don't or do. Albums: From Earth Below (2011) Scaffolds Of The Sky Verdigris (2017)
  12. joker1961


    well we all now how great Operation Mindcrime album is. but which is the better songs Best songs!!!!
  13. joker1961

    Rag `N`Bone Man

    well where do I start this heavily tattooed, pop, soul and blues singer is imho awesome. he`s a powerful performer........... enjoy
  14. joker1961

    Gregory Porter

    Gregory Porter as been a shinning light to soul music since `98 his trademark he wears a hat lol
  15. joker1961

    Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

    love this band hope I``ll find like minded peeps
  16. joker1961

    JJ Gery & Mofro Official Thread

    welcome to the official thread to JJ Grey & Mofro. He`s an absolute amazing musician whom would add a magical add-on to your collection imho
  17. joker1961

    The Amazing Weather Report Thread

    Don't no if anyone else enjoys the jazz-fusion this amazing band Weather Report here sure hope so?
  18. joker1961

    Herbie Hancock Official Thread

    thought there should be a thread to the great jazz keyboardist Herbie Hancock so here it is.
  19. joker1961

    Fields Of The Nephilim

    I`ve been a fan of FOTN for some years. here`s some vid`s to show you why?
  20. joker1961

    three iconic folk guitarest............................

    there are many classic acoustic guitarist so these four are iconic blues/folk guitar pickers imho but whom is the most iconic one....... Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Wizz Jones or Ralph McTell....
  21. joker1961


    1916 imho is a highlight in Motorhead`s history but out of the 11 tracks which 3 are your fav`s...
  22. joker1961


    ok which of these three debut albums is the BETTER ONE? hairsplitting time
  23. joker1961

    Rival Sons, Vintage Trouble or The Struts

    which of these bands is the more amazingly awesome than the other two. so will it be Sons, Trouble or Struts?
  24. joker1961

    In Through the Out Door

    This unique album for Led Zeppelin due to the Keyboards being all over the album JPJ/RP must have been the first two into the studio lol. so which song is the "Highlight" for YOU?
  25. joker1961

    The Flower Kings

    The Flower Kings: the flower kings are a progressive rock band from Sweden. neo-progressive high musicianship is superb production here are five albums if your into the band are must have.........

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