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  1. Jonny Come Lately

    Favourite song on Lynyrd Skynyrd ''Pronounced...''

    The first Lynyrd Skynyrd album, or Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nerd, to give it its proper title, is one of my all-time favourite albums and in my opinion one of rock's finest debuts. With such a stellar line up of songs, including several classic rock staples, I thought this album would be an...
  2. Jonny Come Lately

    Led Zeppelin IV song battle #2

    Inspired by the recent Stairway To Heaven vs When The Levee Breaks poll on this forum, which of these opening two songs from Led Zeppelin IV do you prefer? Black Dog vs Rock And Roll
  3. Jonny Come Lately

    Song By Song Battle #1 – Led Zeppelin II VS Led Zeppelin IV

    I’ve had an idea for a twist on the song and album battles on this forum with a game I have called ‘Song By Song Battle’. My idea for this game is broadly similar to the song battles, but with the expanded scope of the album battles: . Take two classic albums with the same number of songs (or...
  4. Jonny Come Lately

    Favourite 1973-77 Lynyrd Skynyrd album?

    Out of the five Lynyrd Skynyrd albums recorded with Ronnie Van Zant from 1973-77, which one is your personal favourite? Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nerd (1973) Second Helping (1974) Nuthin' Fancy (1975) Gimme Back My Bullets (1976) Street Survivors (1977) I've restricted the poll to just...
  5. Jonny Come Lately

    Mark Knopfler (Official Thread)

    This thread is dedicated to the solo work of the former Dire Straits singer/frontman/lead guitarist and main songwriter, Mark Knopfler. :geetar: Solo albums Golden Heart (1996) Sailing To Philadelphia (2000) The Ragpicker's Dream (2002) Shangri-La (2004) Kill To Get Crimson (2007) Get Lucky...
  6. Jonny Come Lately

    Taylor Swift trademarks her lyrics

    This isn't the type of music I normally like to talk about but I thought this was quite an interesting development. More info on this story here (if this link doesn't work please let me know): BBC News - Taylor Swift trademarks lyrics such as 'sick beat' Really not too sure about this - I can...
  7. Jonny Come Lately

    Incomplete albums in your collection

    Are there any albums in your music collection where for whatever reason you do not own the complete album, but only certain songs? I think this is more relevant for those of us who store music on their computers rather than on analogue* formats though it would be interesting to read if anyone...
  8. Jonny Come Lately

    Favourite songs by bands

    I found a thread in the Graveyard section of this forum where the original poster gave a list of bands or singers and other posts gave their favourite songs by each of the bands listed. I liked the idea and though it might be interesting to do something similar, especially with so many people...
  9. Jonny Come Lately

    Whole Lotta Love voted Greatest guitar riff of all time

    Listeners of the UK radio station BBC Radio 2 have voted for Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love as music's greatest guitar riff: BBC News - Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love voted best guitar riff The full top ten is given in the article above, I'm personally pretty satisfied with their number one...
  10. Jonny Come Lately

    Battle of the similarly titled Led Zeppelin songs

    In the This or That thread I recently gave a choice between Led Zeppelin's Bron-Y-Aur Stomp and Bron-Yr- Aur. I received a suggestion to make this into a poll, so belatedly I have - but with a twist. As the main reason for my choice between the first two choices was the similarity between...
  11. Jonny Come Lately

    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    I found a thread along these sort of lines on another forum (albeit for something completely different) and I thought it might be interesting to see where our musical opinions differ from those of friends, relatives, critics etc. I would suggest two guidelines: 1) Keep this thread strictly...
  12. Jonny Come Lately

    Signs of Life vs Cluster One

    One thing that unites the two post-Waters Pink Floyd albums is that they both open with an atmospheric instrumental track - Signs of Life on A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and Cluster One on The Division Bell. So I thought I'd create a poll where you can choose your favourite of these two...
  13. Jonny Come Lately

    Best Don Felder Eagles song

    Out of these Eagles songs, which do you think is best? My criteria for inclusion is that Don Felder must be credited as a writer - as much as I love his solo on One Of These Nights, for instance, I don't think it can really be considered a Felder song, per se. You may notice a certain...
  14. Jonny Come Lately

    Songs or albums that cause disagreements

    Are there any songs or albums (or indeed bands) which you really like but your relatives or friends can't abide? Or vice versa? In the latter instance, the first song that springs to my mind is R.E.M.'s Shiny Happy People, which my sister likes but I can't stand! On the flip side, she...
  15. Jonny Come Lately

    Seamus vs Several Species of Small Furry Animals...

    Feel free to choose your favourite out of these two Pink Floyd novelty songs! I have to say Seamus is musically superior to Several Species (just about any other Pink Floyd song is though), but that would be missing the point of this poll and therefore I'm going to pick 'Several Species Of...
  16. Jonny Come Lately

    Dire Straits: Top 10 songs

    Having recently contributed to the threads for the top ten Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac songs, I wanted to make a similar one for another of my favourite bands, Dire Straits. I'll set the ball rolling with my list (in chronological order): Sultans Of Swing In The Gallery Single Handed Sailor...
  17. Jonny Come Lately

    There's talk on the street...

    Hi all, I am Jonny and as you can tell I am new to classic rock forum. I only really became interested in music less than two years ago. I dislike the vast majority of modern pop music, and especially loathe rap, hip-hop and dance, and have instead gravitated to older rock music...

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