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    Q Mag honors U2 as 'Greatest Act' in last 25 years U2 honored as 'Greatest Act' in last 25 years By EMMA JONES Associated Press Posted: 10/24/2011 11:44:53 AM MDT...
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    Jimmy Page Launches Website

    Jimmy Page has just introduced his first official website. This is curated and conceptualised by the great man himself – and one of the most interesting features is called On This Day. This is a daily diary of events spanning his entire career. It will include footage, audio clips...
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    Jimmy Page plays with Black Crowes

    For my friend ILJP... Jimmy Page joined the Black Crowes on stage in London last night (Wednesday, July 13). The guitar legend came on during the band’s sold-out show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire to play Shake Your Money Maker. And here’s the proof. Classic Rock
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    Philadelphia Orchestra bankrupt

    This is tragic. :wtf: Philadelphia Orchestra board OKs Chapter 11 filing - Yahoo! News
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    William Shatner Details Heavy New Album

    Details have now been released on the new William Shatner album, and he’s got a major list of rockers involved. Classic Rock
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    If a classical composer were writing today, who would he be?

    This is a game to put a classical genius into the best fit of a pop/rock writer box. In other words, if a classical composer were writing today, which pop/rock legend would he most likely be? This is not about enjoying them equally, but rather what elements of composition do they have in common...
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    "Sacred cows" of music?

    Has any artist or group or song been immune from question or criticism over the years? Or is it true that music has no "sacred cows"?
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    Have you changed your opinion about once loved or hated bands?

    Do your first choices stand the test of time? As you both broaden and deepen your musical exposure, do bands that once seemed amazing to you now seem a notch or two lower on the totem pole, a little less groovy? Or the opposite...bands you didn't like that you dig now?
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    Who is the greatest dead rock star of all time?

    Rolling Stone is conducting a poll of the greatest dead rock star...what do you think? Weekend Rock Question: Who Is the Greatest Dead Rock Star of All Time? | Rolling Stone Music
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    Steven Wilson - new Blackfield Album

    If you like Porcupine Tree, you should check out Steven's side project "Blackfield". a collaboration with Aviv Geffen, Israel’s leading counter culture rock musician. The third Blackfield album "Welcome to my DNA" is now finished. I love the first two albums, Blackfield and Blackfield II, and I...
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    Love music? Thank a substance in your brain

    Whether it's the Beatles or Beethoven, people like music because it makes the brain release a chemical called dopamine--the "pleasure hormone". Volunteers for the study were chosen because they reliably felt chills from particular moments during some favorite pieces of music. Dopamine surged in...
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    MOJO Honours List 2010: The Winners Revealed!

    It was a celebration of legends, unsung heroes and future stars. An evening that saw the likes of The Stones Roses, The Teardrop Explodes, Jimmy Page, Duane Eddy and Kasabian all take the stage. But exactly who won what? Fresh off the podium, here are The MOJO Honours List 2010 winners...
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    "50 albums that 'have defined this most esoteric of genres"

    In the latest edition of Classic Rock magazine a poster lists the 50 albums that "have defined this most esoteric of genres" Freak Out - Frank Zappa The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Procol Harum - S/T Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn...
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    Limewire whacked!!

    May 12, 2010 11:09 AM PDT RIAA wins big in LimeWire lawsuit In a decision that could mean sweeping changes to file sharing in the United States, a federal court has found the company that operates file-sharing service LimeWire liable for copyright infringement, according to court records...
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    Wall of guitarists - know your musician

    Forget about Wiki, if you want a bio of a guitarist you want to know about, just click on a picture it the following: Wall of Guitarists
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    Musicians / Bands for Which Owning a "Greatest Hits" Compilation is Enough

    Plagiarized this from another forum LOL But seriously, I have so many CDs I don't know where to begin when I am looking for something to play. Sometimes I do not want to listen to the whole thing just to hear one song. So I am thinking about buying only greatest hits compilations in the future...
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    Storytellers (no, not VH1)

    Many great rock songs tell stories. What are your favorites? I'll start with Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" "My daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave much to ma and me Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze. Now, I don't blame him cause he run and hid But the...
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    What was the worst career move made by any artist?

    For the Jeff Lynne it was his association with the film Xanadu. Carry on...what are your choices for the worst career moves ever?
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    40 years ago this year, ELO was formed. What would you like to see released to celebrate this event? Warlock Radio Podcast has kicked it off with two episodes. The first episode features the lesser known tunes from the group's career mixed in with some hits. The next hour features various...
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    Reversal of fortune

    Just to stir the *** LOL Can you think of an artist who seemed like an untouchable rock and roll god back then but who's stature has completely eroded now. Or the corollary - an artist who was deemed a dog back then but who's stature has shot up to the top today.
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    New Jeff Lynne solo album ready to roll

    I heard this from a person who was called in to work on the cover. The person said that an official announcement is likely coming pretty soon. Jeff is apparently at the point of picking an image for the album cover. The person doesn't know exactly what's planned, but things seem to be sort of on...
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    Artists changing their usual style to imitate another artist

    "Borrowed" this idea from another forum. This is not about a song sounding too similar to another, it is about a style sounding similar to another. Where an artist seems to have gone out of his way to do something different than usual with his/her sound to mimic another artist. One-off...
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    Pictures of musicians in completely NON-musical contexts...

    Post your favorites...the more "unglamorous" and atypical the better...:) Here's Jeff Lynne hangin' out with Dhani Harrison and friends...
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    Ever judge an album by its cover alone?

    Have you ever purchased or not purchased an album based on its cover before you ever heard the music? Were you pleased or disappointed afterward?
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    Celebrities who are also good musicians

    Who are some "famous" people (not musicians) who are also good musicians? Conan O'Brien sounded good in his finale.

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