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  1. 70sProgFan

    Twenty best 'live' albums (official only - no boots)

    OK... In no particular order, here are twenty that I rate highly... 'Bursting Out' - Jethro Tull 'Yessongs ' - Yes 'Strangers In The Night' - UFO 'Live Without A Net' - Angel 'Live' - Genesis 'Seconds Out' - Genesis 'Pressure Points' - Camel 'Live And Dangerous' - Thin Lizzy 'Waiting For...
  2. 70sProgFan

    BBC Radio 1 'In Concert' Archive, 1971-1979

    I'm not sure just how many people in this forum are Brits or have an interest in this extremely important radio programme, but I have spent a few days putting together a complete list for the 1970s. You can access it on my website, Gigs'n'Stuff. Lots to see, many bands both big and small, and...
  3. 70sProgFan

    RIP Vangelis

    Can't believe that nothing has been posted in the 24 hours since his death, so I'll do it myself. Hugely influential synth/orchestral musician with loads of film scores to his name. His 'Heaven and Hell' was what brought him to my attention. Who can forget his 'Chariots of Fire' and 'Blade...
  4. 70sProgFan

    Reading Rock '75 - were you there?

    I was - my very first festival! :guitar::rock: I have a review of the weekend and individual bands HERE.
  5. 70sProgFan

    Reading Rock '77 - were you there?

    I was! :guitar::rock: My review of the weekend and individual performances HERE!
  6. 70sProgFan

    What's the last gig that you went to?

    Talon, an Eagles tribute band, way back at the end of 2021. Review
  7. 70sProgFan

    If you had the power... resurrect just ONE SINGLE ARTIST - not a pair, not a band or any other such combination, just one single artist - for one final gig, which you would be able to go and see, who would it be? And why? For me it would have to be David Bowie. Hugely influential artist in my teens and I never...
  8. 70sProgFan

    Alice Cooper - the early stuff

    Now I guess that this thread is going to polarise a few folks on this board, but I was wondering what people think of the really early stuff and by this I'm talking about 'Pretties For You', 'Easy Action' and the even earlier album 'Live at the Whisky A-Go-Go'. Personally I think they're great...
  9. 70sProgFan


    Rock fan since 1972, specialising in prog and especially The Enid. I used to have an extensive CD collection but have now sold off most of it and am endeavouring to replace with vinyl where possible - not always possible - and am appalled that LPs that I practically gave away twenty years ago...

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