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  1. Ar-Pharazon

    Billy Idol (Official Thread)

    The new EP has some great stuff on it. Billy Idol-Running From The Ghost Billy Idol-Cage Not to mention last year's EP Billy Idol-Bitter Taste Dude's still got it.
  2. Ar-Pharazon

    New band The Halo Effect is 5/5 classic In Flames

    The album has finally dropped!!!!! My CD is ordered. I haven't been this amped up for a new album i a long time.
  3. Ar-Pharazon

    STEVE MORSE Officially Quits DEEP PURPLE To Care For Ailing Wife

    Steve's a good guy. Take care of your family first.
  4. Ar-Pharazon

    Hear OZZY OSBOURNE's New Single 'Degradation Rules' Featuring TONY IOMMI

    Sounds more like classic Sabbath than 13. I hope they do a proper video.
  5. Ar-Pharazon

    Megadeth (Official Thread)

    New album coming and so far, it sounds frickin' old-school thrash-tastic. We'll Be Back:Chapter I Night Stalkers: Chapter II featuring Ice-T!
  6. Ar-Pharazon

    Within Temptation (Official Thread)

    A new track/video dropped July 13 I like this one at least as much as The Purge. There are rumors of an EP that will likely contain the 4 singles that have been released the last couple years.
  7. Ar-Pharazon

    Ronnie James Dio (Official Tribute Thread)

    IDK how this post passed me by, but that album was the first place I ever heard Ronnie (late 80's I think it was when I found the LP).
  8. Ar-Pharazon

    Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts Dies at 80

    His younger brother England Dan Seals died 13 years ago. Should be a heckuva reunion.
  9. Ar-Pharazon

    Alan White, legendary drummer for Yes dies

    Three long stints as the Yes drummer, and right up to the very end. I think it takes a special breed of drummer to be in a prog outfit like Yes (or early Genesis, or Rush, or King Crimson, etc, etc) RIP Alan
  10. Ar-Pharazon

    Xandria (Official Thread)

    Well, since the last time we posted here, the band went through Manuela and Dianne Van Giersbergen as vocalists. Apparently they treat their singers like a piece of band equipment, and maybe the operatic singers weren't able to withstand the grueling touring of a metal band. However you look...
  11. Ar-Pharazon

    Haunting 50s Track

    I'm seeing references to Coppola replacing his father's original "grandiose" movie soundtrack in 2005, with more "contemporary" 60's music. No listing of what music they used so far. That's always been the thing with movies. The soundtrack of the movie vs the soundtrack album that gets...
  12. Ar-Pharazon

    RIP Vangelis

    First I've heard of this. I remember him mainly from his work with Jon Anderson. Four albums IIRC, after which Vangelis apparently had enough.
  13. Ar-Pharazon

    New band The Halo Effect is 5/5 classic In Flames

    The third video dropped a few weeks ago. The Halo Effect - Days Of The Lost I really want this album NOW, not on August 12th.
  14. Ar-Pharazon

    It's Official: JUDAS PRIEST To Be Inducted Into ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME

    Maybe if they spent less time inducting rap & country artists into the Rock & Roll HOF, some rock bands wouldn't have to wait the extra years. I mean Dolly is awesome, but y'know, not R&R.
  15. Ar-Pharazon

    Spinal Tap drummer Ric Parnell dead at age 70

    He certainly outlasted the other 6 or 7 drummers, even if you add them all up :drums:
  16. Ar-Pharazon

    Alex Lifeson's new band Envy of None

    Not a bad song, but are we sure Alex was even there that day? I'd have preferred a return to the Victor project if there was a choice.
  17. Ar-Pharazon

    Cheap Trick Play 66 Different Songs During Four-Night Vegas Run

    Should make a he11uva live DVD, if they do one.
  18. Ar-Pharazon

    Journey Reveal ‘Freedom’ Album Title and Track Listing

    There have been some pretty good tracks on the releases since then. Better they're releasing new material once in a while instead of being a nostalgia band.
  19. Ar-Pharazon

    Scorpions - When You Know (Where You Come From)

    Another winner. This album is shaping up to be as good or better than Sting In The Tail, my personal latter day favorite.
  20. Ar-Pharazon

    Sounds the same

    Produced and co-written by Harrison tho.
  21. Ar-Pharazon

    Sounds the same

    I know nothing of chord progressions, or really any music terms, but there 's a point when I listen to Clapton's Let It Rain and my mind goes right into Starr's It Don't Come Easy. It's either in the basic riff or chorus of Let It Rain. There's something very similar there.
  22. Ar-Pharazon

    Scorpions - Shining Of Your Soul

    From the forthcoming album Rock Believer. Very reminiscent of their mid-70's sound. Could have dropped off Fly To The Rainbow or In Trance.
  23. Ar-Pharazon

    New band The Halo Effect is 5/5 classic In Flames

    A second video/single dropped a couple weeks ago. The Halo Effect - Feel What I Believe It's like a band version of a "Best Of" album.
  24. Ar-Pharazon

    Rush Announce Mammoth ‘Moving Pictures’ Deluxe Reissue

    Holy crow! Any chance of a vinyl-less set that still has all the goodies?
  25. Ar-Pharazon

    Ian McD0nald, King Crimson and Foreigner Founding Member, Dies

    Maybe thanks to the orange utan? Definitely a part of the best era of Foreigner.

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