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  1. BeatleMatt


    I have a free account with Spotify, the music streaming service. In essence, it is only somewhat different from satellite or terrestrial radio. You get to listen to the music you want and hear advertising as well. The best difference is that you have great control over what music you listen...
  2. BeatleMatt

    What's In A Name?

    Before Van Halen, most bands with family names as the band name "The" usually followed the name. The Osmonds. The McCoys. The Allman Brothers. It was not often the band would just call themselves Bee Gees. Montrose. Santana. Someone help me out here but it seems that after Van Halen, it was a...
  3. BeatleMatt

    Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready to

    Ahh, well that may be a little too cliche'. Member name - BeatleMatt and yes I greatly enjoy listening to The Beatles. And Cheap Trick. There is that scene in John Lennon's Imagine film where John and George and a few others are sitting around the breakfast table talking. John and George are...

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