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    [Quiz] Which led zeppelin song are you? I got STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN but the description DOES NOT FIT ME AT ALL! Ah man!!
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    ANALOGUE is KING Excellent article!!!! I hope they are still clinging to what they love :)
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    Good Bass solo If that sounds as good as it does LISTENING HERE,it must sound amazing in person!
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    Aerosmith anyone?? Kinda blows although I thought they went to crap in the 80s anyway as most bands did! (They were BEST in the 70s (Thier first 5 records are insanely good))
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    The Who: "Wont get fooled again" Review

    1 of the best rock n roll songs of all time and a personal favourite of mine! This song really tells the truth of what they want people to believe,etc.. I AM GRATEFUL TO HAVE THIS ON RECORD and 8 TRACK!! (In analogue)
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    Whats the LAST concert you watched?

    Regardless of the platform.. (Wheather being there or over TV) I last watched my Grateful dead concert I have on VHS :) (It was recorded from USA network on 1/1/86 and is excellent!)
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    Would an admin/co-admin please.......

    ......I know Im new here and I dont wanna seem like a pain,I love this site alot!!!!! Would you please clear my account of all the notices I am getting? I cannot clear them..... I have looked everywhere on my profile and it doesnt go away!!! (Now it says 5 -- EVEN IF I LOOK AT THAT LIST OF...
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    Fleetwood mac in chicago

    Man on man...... This is quite an insane collection!!!! Recorded in 1969 ... Some pretty amazing blues -- I love every song on both records!!
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    Maltese falcon

    To be honest I hadnt ever heard of these guys and the other day I went looking for some GOOD 80s metal... I got thier record called "Metal Rush" and its quite good!! (Released in 1984) I love analog---I collect records,cassettes,8 tracks,etc.... and this METAL RUSH album definetly sounds...
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    Hello all

    Hey everybody how are you??? So in my search tonight I find another good VBB site! (Vb3.x) Looks quite nice........ Im using the default VB3 skin as it looks the nicest Good to be here!!!!!!

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