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    R.I.P. Trickster

    I just read on Facebook that Jen Jensen ,known as Trickster,has passed away.I don’t know all the details,but I know she had some major health problems.I last chatted with her back in February.We met years ago on these classic rock sites and though I never met her in person we became good...
  2. Fever

    Paul O'Neill,Trans Siberian Orchestra founder, dies at 61

    Paul O'Neill, the founder of the Trans Siberian Orchestra,has died at the age of 61.He had been suffering from a chronic illness Trans-Siberian Orchestra Leader Paul O'Neill Dies at 61
  3. Fever

    Glenn Frey has died

    Glenn Frey of the Eagles has died at 67 due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis,acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia
  4. Fever

    Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison has died

    Jimi Jamison has died of a heart attack at the age of 63. Jimi Jamison, Survivor Lead Singer, Dead at 63 | Rolling Stone From a recent show ?v=5K2Mq1ksFOo And some old videos Survivor - I Can't Hold Back ?v=GaMcsKtBDwE Survivor - Burning Heart ?v=Kc71KZG87X4 Survivor -...
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    Joel Hoekstra leaves Night Ranger for Whitesnake

    Guitarist Joel Hoekstra has left Night Ranger after eight years to join Whitesnake.He replaced Jeff Watson in Night Ranger and now replaces Doug Aldrich in Whitesnake. He also will be touring again with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I saw a Night Ranger/Foreigner show and Joel played with...
  6. Fever

    Documentary-Searching For Terry Kath

    Michelle Kath,the daughter of the late Chicago guitarist Terry Kath,is working on a documentary about her dad.She is trying to raise money for it through a kickstarter campaign. Kiefer Sutherland...
  7. Fever

    Frampton tosses fan's phone

    Peter Frampton threw a fan's cell phone after he refused to quit filming Pete. Peter Frampton tosses fan's phone away during concert - CNET Good for you Pete.You are there to watch a concert ,not film it.
  8. Fever

    Who is the best Toto vocalist?

    Toto has had many guys sing lead.Who is your favorite? Bobby Kimball 1977-1984, 1998-2008 Steve Lukather 1977-2008, 2010-present David Paich 1977-2008, 2010-present Fergie Fredriksen 1984-1985 Joseph Williams 1986-1989,2010-present Jean-Michel Byron 1990-1991( 4 new songs on their greatest hits...
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    40 years ago-The Ozark Music Festival

    40 years ago the Ozark Music Festival was held in Sedalia,Missouri.I found this article about it.It had a great lineup. Bigger Than Woodstock ?v=IWm51kJGIKo&index=4&list=PL152AB309650FCB0E
  10. Fever

    John Spinks of The Outfield dies

    John Spinks,the lead guitarist of The Outfield, has died of liver cancer at the age of 60. John Spinks, Guitarist and Songwriter for The Outfield, Dead at 60 | Billboard ?v=4N1iwQxiHrs ?v=tU2HybDGJHQ
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    Steve Walsh quits Kansas

    Steve Walsh is quitting Kansas and his last show will be August 16. Kansas Band 40th Anniversary
  12. Fever

    Rocker Caleb Johnson wins American Idol

    Finally a rocker has won American Idol.Caleb Johnson from Asheville NC won it last night.This was the third time he had tried out for the show.He stuck to singing mainly classic rock songs from Aerosmith to Rush to Whitesnake to Zeppelin ?v=UJ51yVuEc58 ?v=JEhw6FQKQYs ?v=FsnWnUjXAwU...
  13. Fever

    Tom Petty/Steve Winwood 2014 tour

    Tom Petty will be hitting the road again later this summer with special guest Steve Winwood.Tickets go on sale May 31st and shows start August 3. Petty also has a new album coming out Hypnotic Eye
  14. Fever

    Judge orders search for Casey Kasem.

    It appears Casey Kasem's whereabouts are unknown and a judge has ordered an investigation.Kasem suffers from Parkinson's disease. Casey Kasem's whereabouts unknown: Investigator ordered to track down ailing radio host | Fox News Where is Casey Kasem? Judge concerned about radio legend's...
  15. Fever

    Paul Goddard of Atlanta Rhythm Section has died

    Paul Goddard,the bass player for the Atlanta Rhythm Section ,has died. I don't know any details,but They just posted it on the ARS Facebook page
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    Kelly Holland,lead singer for Cry Of Love,has died

    Kelly Holland,the lead singer for the band Cry Of Love,has died at the age of 52. Cry Of Love was huge here in Raleigh and had some national success opening for Robert Plant and Aerosmith. Remembering Kelly Holland from his Cry of Love prime | On the Beat Blog | Kelly Holland...
  17. Fever

    Foreigner,Styx and Don Felder Summer Tour

    Foreigner,Styx and ex-Eagle Don Felder are going to tour this summer.I was hoping to see this show,but it's not coming to my town Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder Announce Summer Tour They were playing some songs on Fox and Friends today Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder rock on 'Fox &...
  18. Fever

    Musicians Hall Of Fame Inductees 2014

    The inductees into the Musicians Hall Of Fame have been announced They are Peter Frampton Will Lee Randy Bachman Jimmy Capps Buddy Guy Ben Keith Barbara Mandrell Corki Casey O'Dell Velma Smith Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 2014 Iconic Riff Award-Roy Orbison 2014 Industry...
  19. Fever

    Chicago/REO Speedwagon Summer Tour 2014

    Chicago and REO Speedwagon are going to be touring together this summer.In recent years I have seen Chicago with Earth,Wind & Fire,Huey Lewis and the Doobie Brothers. In most cases both bands play some of their songs together. Chicago & REO Speedwagon Set To Launch Co-Headlining Summer 2014...
  20. Fever

    Malford Milligan of Storyville auditions for The Voice

    Malford Milligan of the band Storyville auditioned for The Voice,but none of the judges picked him. Storyville was a blues rock band that featured Stevie Ray Vaughan's band Double Trouble(Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon).David Holt and David Grissom played guitars.I have their two albums and...
  21. Fever

    Jason Everman-From Nirvana and Soundgarden to the Special Forces

    Here are a couple of articles I found on Jason Everman,who was kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden then joined the army. Jason Everman: Guitarist kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden became a war hero |...
  22. Fever

    Little Big Town/Keith Urban cover Fleetwood Mac

    Last night Little Big Town and Keith Urban played Fleetwood Mac's The Chain.I am not a huge country fan,but I thought they did a good job Here's the video Little Big Town Pay Homage to Fleetwood Mac with ‘The Chain’ Rendition at CMT Music Awards Okay- here's another...
  23. Fever

    Original lead vocalist Dave Bickler rejoins Survivor

    Dave Bickler has rejoined Survivor and they have now have both lead vocalists -Bickler and Jimi Jamison. Four of the original Survivor members are now back,however Survivor founder Jim Peterik is not one of them. Frankie Sullivan Reunites Four Original "Survivor" Members
  24. Fever

    Lou Gramm and Mick Jones to perform together

    Lou Gramm and Mick Jones are going to perform together at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame ceremony. They will be doing Juke Box Hero and I Want To Know What Love Is. Exclusive: Foreigner’s Mick Jones and Lou Gramm to Reunite on Stage In addition to Jones and Gramm ,the other inductees are...
  25. Fever

    New video from Player- "I Will"

    Player is back with a new album. Here is the first video for the song "I Will" Player, ‘I Will’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

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