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  1. joe

    Stray - Stray

    Stray - Stray 1970 - Transatlantic(UK)LP - Del Bromham / guitars, vocals - Steve Gadd / vocals, harmonica - Gary Giles / bass - Ritchie Cole / drums 1. All In Your Mind 2. Taken All The Good Things 3. Around The World In 80 Days 4. Time Machine 5. Only What You Make It 6. Yesterday’s Promises...
  2. joe

    Kansas - Point Of Know Return

    How would you rate 'Point Of Know Return' on a scale of 10?
  3. joe

    Scary Monsters(And Super Creeps) - David Bowie

    I haven't pulled this LP out in about 30 years or more. How would rate the album on a scale of 10?
  4. joe

    2000's: Three For Each Year

    List your top three albums from each year of the 2000's.
  5. joe

    Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf

    How would you rate Meatloaf's 'Bat Out Of Hell' on a scale of 10?
  6. joe

    Hardwired... To Self-Destruct - Metallica

    Your rating on a scale of 10 for Hardwired... To Self-Destruct?
  7. joe

    The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden

    How would rate Maiden's 'The Book of Souls'?
  8. joe

    Armageddon - Armageddon

    ARMAGEDDON - ARMAGEDDON 1975 - A&M(Canada) LP 1. Buzzard 2. Silver Tightrope 3. Paths and Planes and Future Gains 4. Last Stand Before 5. Basking in the White of the Midnight Sun: a) Warning Coming On b) Basking in the White of the Midnight Sun c) Brother Ego d) Basking in the White of the...
  9. joe

    Hard Rock '72

    Pick six.
  10. joe

    Hard Rock '75

    Let's go with five this time.
  11. joe

    2 NWOBHM

    Two NWOBHM albums from 1980. The better of the two?
  12. joe

    Hard Rock '73

    Your top 4 of '73?
  13. joe

    Alan Parsons Project

    Your fav from The Alan Parsons Project?
  14. joe

    Hard Rock '74

    Your 3 favs from 1974? * "La Grange" hard rock? Damn rights.
  15. joe

    Kiss vs. Desolation Boulevard

    Two classics from 1974. Your fav?
  16. joe

    Classic Prog 1972

    Your three fav classic prog albums from 1972.
  17. joe

    Uriah Heep: Salisbury vs. Look At Yourslef

    Salisbury and Look At Yourself were both released in 1971. Your fav of the two?
  18. joe

    Classic Prog 1971

    Your top three classic prog albums from 1971?
  19. joe

    Classic Prog 1970

    Your top three classic prog albums from 1970?
  20. joe

    "Progressive" Maiden/Metallica

    Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere In Time' and Metallica's '...And Justice For All' are both considered their most "progressive" work. Your fav of the two?
  21. joe

    Molly Hatchet

    I thought I'd throw up a Molly Hatchet poll in accordance with the death of Dave Hlubek. I didn't include the band's first two albums as they'd probably far and away blow away the rest of field. Of course Hlubeck left the band in '96 and rejoined in 2005. Your two Hatchet favs? * I didn't...
  22. joe

    What are robots?

    I've noticed in the "Members Online Now" box it has 'robots' listed. I think I have an idea what it is. What are "robots"?
  23. joe

    A King Crimson Trio

    Numerous personnel changes after "In The Court Of The Crimson King" from 1970 - 1972, King Crimson released three albums, "In The Wake Of Poseidon", "Lizard" and "Islands". Your fav of these three?
  24. joe

    A Foot In Coldwater - A Foot In Coldwater

    A Foot In Coldwater - A Foot In Coldwater 1972 - Daffodil(Canada) - Alex Machin / vocals - Paul Naumann / guitars, vocals - Bob Horne / organ, keyboards - Hughie Leggat / bass, vocals - Danny Taylor / drums Formed in Toronto back in 1971 with the demise of the psychedelic band, Nucleus which...
  25. joe

    2017(so far)

    2017 has been a slight improvement over 2016 for me. 2011 was an excellent year for my musical preferences. No years since then have come close. My list: The Further Side - Nova Collective(prog. metal/jazz-fusion{jazz-metal}): a collaboration of members from Haken, Between The Buried And Me...

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