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  1. rtbuck

    Cowboy Mach Bell “Once a Rocker...” Diary book(Joe Perry)

    This book just came out and it looks like it will be one wild book! Cowboy Mach Bell was leadsinger of a 70’s rock band from the Boston area...Thundertrain. He then went on to be the lead vocalist for the Joe Perry Project from 1982-83. He kept a diary of those days with Joe Perry and this is...
  2. rtbuck

    The Last Ditches "Spilt Milk"

    The Last Ditches - Spilt Milk Audio CD (May 20, 2016) Number of Discs: 1 Label: Hyperspace Records Being a fan of Punk, Metal, Hard Rock, & Rock & Roll I'm always looking for something new or different. Recently I was reading an interview...
  3. rtbuck

    Deap Vally

    I first came across the band Deap Vally(a 2 piece band featuring Lindsey Troy on guitars & vocals & Julie Edwards on drums & vocals) after reading an article on them in Classic Rock magazine that explained their sound as Hole meets Led Zeppelin so I figured I'd give them a chance & bought their...
  4. rtbuck

    Max Webster - "The Party" (box set)

    Max Webster "The Party" Number of Discs - 8 Label - Ole' Year - 2017 Format - CD & Vinyl Disc: 1 1. Hangover 2. Here Among the Cats 3. Blowing the Blues Away 4. Summer Turning Blue 5. Toronto Tontos 6. Coming Off the Moon 7. Only Your Nose Knows 8. Summers Up 9. Lily Disc: 2 1. High Class...
  5. rtbuck

    The Glam Skanks!

    About a month ago my wife & I went out to see our friends band Governess play a show at a small club called the Mohawk in downtown Buffalo. Governess is a fun band to see... playing original music in the vein of Motorhead meets the Ramones meets Turbo ***** meets Johnny Thunders. On this night...
  6. rtbuck

    Hollywood Vampires 7/9/2016

    Hollywood Vampires 7/9/2016 Venue: Seneca Niagara Casino(outdoors) Location: Niagara Falls, New York Review by Bucky When I first read that one of my all-time favorite artists Alice Cooper was working on a project called the Hollywood Vampires with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry &...
  7. rtbuck

    Joe Perry collapses onstage tonight

    I'm in shock here but from what I just read Perry collapsed & went into cardiac arrest in Coney Island tonight! He was revived from what I read but I was shocked because I just seen the Hollywood Vampires last night & he was phenomenal! Any other info...please post
  8. rtbuck

    HBO cancels Vinyl

    I was quite shocked & disappointed that HBO cancelled the new Martin Scorsese series Vinyl after Season 1. I really enjoyed the series as it was about a fictitious record company from 1973. It starred Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano, Olivia Wilde, & Mick Jagger's son James. I loved it as it had...
  9. rtbuck

    "Pretties For You Live in NYC"

    Pretties For You - Live in NYC Recorded Live at the Stone in NYC 11/08/15 Vocals - Paul Bertolino Guitar - Nick Didkovsky Guitar - Nick Oddy Bass - Max Johnson Drums - Glenn Johnson Keyboards & Vocals - Adam Minkoff Source - DVD Label - Punos Music In 1968...
  10. rtbuck

    Johnny Thunders Daddy Rollin' Stone EP

    Good EP featuring 4 tracks from Johnny Thunders "So Alone" sessions. Just like his previous vinyl EP from these sessions these 4 tracks haven't been released until now. The original release of So Alone featured different versions of 2 of the tunes(Daddy Rollin' Stone(the old Derek Martin...
  11. rtbuck

    Record Store Day

    Does anyone else go to Record Store Day in your areas? I live in Buffalo and it's a pretty big deal around here. A few of the record stores around here have bands playing all day. The stores are usually Jammed (some places have lines going out the door to get in). Anyway...I usually hit up a few...
  12. rtbuck

    Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown(Brad Whitford's son Graham on guitar)

    I seen Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown over the Summer opening for Billy Idol & he was incredible live. He's only 22 & he went over big with the crowd. I later learned that Brad Whitford's son Graham is the other guitarist in the band. Tyler began guitar at age 6th & while in Elementary...
  13. rtbuck

    ...Why Not?...

    Mr. Jaws by Dickie Goodman! QIzkq0VC_A8
  14. rtbuck

    Dead Milkmen

    It was sometime in 1986 I was at the ripe old age of 24 & I was trying to convince myself I was still young so I tuned into the local college radio station in our area (WBFO) every so often to prove to myself I could still be young. One day while driving in my Dodge Omni 024 I had WBFO on & I...
  15. rtbuck

    CBGB (movie)

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen this movie & your thoughts on it... The wife & I had seen that it was on PPV the other day & I decided to pay the $4.99 to check it out. First off I was really happy & a bit shocked that my wife really liked the movie (of course being married to me...
  16. rtbuck


    I seen this Canadian Trio a bunch of times in the early 80's & thought they were pretty cool. They were a good band to see live: From the basements of suburban Toronto to international stages SANTERS began with classically trained brothers Rick Santers (lead vocals, guitars, keys) and...
  17. rtbuck

    Robot Lords of Tokyo (Official Thread)

    Official Website Robot Lords Of Tokyo (2006) A Millennium Tribute to Motley Crue (2007) Whiskey, Blood & ****** (2008) "Virtue & Vice" (2013) I picked up this cd the other day & was pretty impressed aAerk3P-U_o
  18. rtbuck

    Bucky's favorite Punk Tunes

    In the 70's I hated Punk when it first came out & everything it stood for. Around 1977 my uncle would get me promo albums from a guy he knew that worked at a record store. He came home one day & said "Supposedly this is harder than Kiss". It was the Ramones "Rocket to Russia" & while I hated it...
  19. rtbuck

    Generation X

    This is one of my favorite Punk tunes of all-time. I've lived through punk & read a lot of books/magazines on it & always found it odd that I never seen or heard any real mention of this tune 0e1ER6HZxZc
  20. rtbuck

    Sammy Hagar - Street Machine (1979)

    Sammy Hagar – ‘Street Machine’ Released: 1979 Label: Capitol Review by: Bucky Track Listing: 1. "Growing Pains" - 3:46 2. "Child to Man" - 4:28 3. "Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)" - 3:46 4. "Feels Like Love" - 4:21 5. "Plain Jane" - 3:49 6. "Never Say Die" - 4:47 7. "This...
  21. rtbuck

    The Stooges - Live at the ATP 2010 (2012)

    The Stooges ‘Live at the ATP 2010’ Label: MVD Entertainment Group Format: Vinyl Picture Disc w/ Digital Download Released: 2012 Vinyl Picture Disc Track Listing: Side A 1) 1970 2) Night Theme/ Beyond the Law 3) I Wanna Be Your Dog 4) Open Up & Bleed Side B 1)...
  22. rtbuck

    Alice Cooper - No More Mr. Nice Guy: Live (2012)

    Alice Cooper ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy: Live’ Format: Compact Disc Label: Concert Live Year: 2012 Track Listing: 1) Intro(Vincent Price)/ The Black Widow 2) Brutal Planet 3) I’m 18 4) Under My Wheels 5) Billion Dollar Babies 6) No More Mr. Nice Guy 7) Hey Stoopid 8) Is it My...
  23. rtbuck

    Detroit,MI Motor City Rock & Roll

    Motor City Rock & Roll I was sitting back yesterday listening to Detroit’s (Mitch Ryder) cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Rock & Roll” which is a tremendous cover with a similar vibe to Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” when I started thinking about the whole Detroit scene of the late 60’s...
  24. rtbuck

    Welcome 2 My Nightmare $4.99 sale Amazon

    I Just figured I'd give a heads up if anyone is interested... The digital Download of the new Alice Cooper Album 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' is on sale for only $4.99 at Amazon US (I don't know how long it will be on sale for) Welcome 2 My Nightmare: Alice Cooper: MP3 Downloads
  25. rtbuck

    My Summer Vacation Part 2!!

    My Summer Vacation Part 2!! Review by Bucky On Tuesday August 16th I was debating about going to the free Tuesday Night concert at Artpark. My back was a bit burned out from the summer & I knew I was going to a another concert the following day so I wasn’t sure on whether to go...

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