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  1. joe

    Tim Bogert RIP

    Been a big fan of Tim Bogert for decades. Love all of his work except for Boxer. This band had four great musicians: Tim Bogert, Ollie Halsall, Mike Patto and Tony Newman. They released three albums from '76 - '79. R.I.P.
  2. joe

    I love Foghat's "Fool For the City" album, which other one(s) should I get?

    Foghat Live. Thier s/t debut would be my second recommendation behind Fool for the City for studio albums.
  3. joe

    What's your favorite Ted Nugent album?

    His s/t debut. I can't listen to anything else he has released since. Unbearable.
  4. joe

    1976: Boston or Rocks?

    Boston. I can still listen to Boston. Aerosmith... No.
  5. joe

    Songs of 1988 - Add List (50)

    1. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) - Cinderella 2. The Flame - Cheap Trick 3. Believe in Love - Scorpions 4. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden 5. Cult of Personality - Living Colour 6. Heatseeker - AC/DC 7. Cold Blood - Kix 8. When It's Love - Van Halen 9. All Fired Up - Pat...
  6. joe

    Top 15 Underrated Guitarists

    Phil Manzanera(Roxy Music, 801, solo) Pat Travers Allan Holdsworth(Gong, Tempest, solo) Ty Tabor(King's X) John DuCann(Andromeda, Atomic Rooster) Del Bromham(Stray) Martin Pugh(Steamhammer, Armageddon) Tony McPhee(Groundhogs) Adrian Belew(King Crimson) Neal Schon(Journey) Ollie Halsall(Tempest...
  7. joe

    1970: Immigrant Song or Paranoid?

  8. joe

    What's the loudest gig you've been to? Or which gig has made your ears ring the most

    Motörhead in 1981. Thankfully Ozzy turned it down. The arena where they played had awful acoustics. Van Halen in 1982 and BOC in '83 were very loud.
  9. joe

    Songs your tired of

    All songs from LZ I, II, III, IV and Houses of the Holy. Anything from AC/DC, Aerosmith, Who, Ted Nugent.
  10. joe

    10 Classic Rock Bands Who Deserve More Respect

    Stray Groundhogs Wishbone Ash Atomic Rooster Budgie The Pretty Things Steamhammer Savoy Brown Sweet Camel
  11. joe

    Stray - Stray

    Right on. How was Stray?
  12. joe

    Eric Clapton vs Rory Gallagher

    I'm with ya joker.
  13. joe

    Stray - Stray

    Stray - Stray 1970 - Transatlantic(UK)LP - Del Bromham / guitars, vocals - Steve Gadd / vocals, harmonica - Gary Giles / bass - Ritchie Cole / drums 1. All In Your Mind 2. Taken All The Good Things 3. Around The World In 80 Days 4. Time Machine 5. Only What You Make It 6. Yesterday’s Promises...
  14. joe

    Your Top 10 Live Albums

    Progeny: Highlights From 1972 - Yes The Great Deciever - King Crimson Live At The Mar y Sol Festival - E.L.P Exit Stage Left - Rush Unleashed In The East - Judas Priest Decade Of Aggression - Slayer Live After Dark - Iron Maiden Alive! - Kiss All The World's A Stage - Rush Double Trouble Live -...
  15. joe

    Top 10 Southern Rock Songs

    Fox Huntin' - Black Horse Hell Hotel - Black Horse Busted In Georgia - Thunderhead Midnight Rider - Allman Bros Free Man - Point Blank Flirtin' With Disaster - Molly Hatchet High Tide and Green Grass - Outlaws Train, Train - Blackfoot Gator Country - Molly Hatchet Rock The Country - Hydra
  16. joe

    Top 10 Southern Rock Bands

    Black Horse Molly Hatchet Allman Bros Thunderhead Blackfoot Little Feat J.J. Grey & Mofro Hogjaw Five Horse Johnson Point Blank
  17. joe

    New URIAH HEEP - Living The Dream

    The biggest surprise from 2018. Their best album since ‘Firefly’. This album rocks hard and fast. Definitely would recommend a listen.
  18. joe


    I thought he did excellent job on vocals. ‘Devil’s Canyon’ is right up there with their best IMHO.
  19. joe

    Songs With Amazing Drums!

    Caldwell’s drumming on Armageddon’s s/t debut rivals his work on Captain Beyond’s debut.
  20. joe

    ZZ Top - What genre/subgenre would you classify them as?

    Blues rock/hard rock/southern rock/boogie rock/electric Texas blues would be the genres I’d tag for their first 6 albums. After Deguello the band lost me with their MTV/middle of the road rock with synthesizers.
  21. joe

    Dio/Rainbow-ish bands?

    Found this band about a month ago. Saffire from Sweden. Released three albums. I've only heard 'Where The Monsters Dwell' from this year. This is the best replica I've heard from the Dio/Rainbow era. Excellent.
  22. joe

    Rush (Official Thread)

    WTF? Just when I think I've seen everything. F*** off.
  23. joe

    Burton Cummings Recovering After L.A. Car Crash

    I met Burton years ago. He came into my place of employment: ornamental tree nursery. Sold him about $5,000 worth trees for his place on Saltspring Island. Very humble and soft spoken. He spent hours wandering through the nursery. He said to me, "You're lucky you work in such a beautiful place."
  24. joe

    Record Guide

    I have the first three editions. There wasn't much media back then about record reviews. I've gone through the 2nd. edition hundreds of times back in the day. The main contributor was Dave Marsh who was know for his hate of heavy metal and Yes. Other contributors also had a hate for heavy metal...
  25. joe

    Kansas - Point Of Know Return

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