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  1. Oblivion


    Went to one of their concerts here in Belgium... The playlist was well balanced between the newer songs and the older metal covers... Great gig... But not the same as 10 years ago.
  2. Oblivion

    Skunk anansie !

    Nice song :cheers2
  3. Oblivion

    Mumford & Sons (Official Thread)

    Re: Mumford & Sons Seen them live this summer... it was incredible..; Best live gig at the festival with the following line-up: :) I think that counts for something...
  4. Oblivion

    Blind Guardian (Official Thread)

    Re: Blind Guardian! I just cannot resist: LG, shame on you! It happens to be a great album... much better than I expected! Magicly put together, epic even... Anyway, hi to all people who remember me, it's quite nostalgic to post here... but I'm not quite ready to come back, yet... (although...
  5. Oblivion

    Skunk anansie !

    She's also great live I hear... Anyone seen her live by any chance??
  6. Oblivion

    Erik Alfred Leslie Satie

    You still have to get back to me on that one :heheh: Satie is indeed a bit nutty from time to time.. Makes his music more vivid and more enjoyable to a 21 year old student :cheers2
  7. Oblivion

    Skunk anansie !

    :) Ah finally some love for this topic! I enjoy Skunk anansie from time to time... Just plain simple and good music :)
  8. Oblivion

    Wilco (Official Thread)

    Re: Wilco ! :D seems I have the good albums originally then! More love for Wilco is always good... I'd love to see them live..
  9. Oblivion

    Damien Rice !

    Soooo.... Damien rice has 2 studio albums called "9" and "o" and Who feels like a review ? :D
  10. Oblivion

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Re: Muse, the official thread ! :D I leave my job in capable hands... Which I can't do with my thesis... Who's gonna do the next review ? :D You'll get a cookie !
  11. Oblivion

    Bruce Springsteen (Official Thread)

    Re: Bruce Springsteen I have quite a few :D check the original post, I think I mention which ones I have hard copy. All the others I have in downloaded version... I could download 'working on a dream' and check it out myself but I was thinking: why not revive the bruce springsteen thread ...
  12. Oblivion

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Re: Muse, the official thread ! a matter of taste I recon. I don't think one could say he is a bad singer.. Nice review Tray :grinthumb Map Of The Problematique would be my fav number after Assassin :heheh:
  13. Oblivion

    Bruce Springsteen (Official Thread)

    Re: Bruce Springsteen This is Working on a Dream the 16th studio album by bruce! I'm planning on buying this, any thoughts? Before I buy it?
  14. Oblivion

    Forum Changes!

    :) Joy, the full screen rules!
  15. Oblivion

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Re: Muse, the official thread ! I agree, the last one isn't all that good... It has good songs and bad ones.. But ,IMO, it isn't as good as the ones before. Not even close.. :D But maybe I'm the lucky one who does the review? Or maybe you'll download it Sweaty and do the review yourself? :D
  16. Oblivion

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Re: Muse, the official thread ! Good one sal :D Thanks!
  17. Oblivion

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Re: Muse, the official thread ! This is not at all my thread anymore :grinthumb I'd say: go for it sal ! And also the black holes review for you tray! Go for it.. :cheers:
  18. Oblivion

    Nomy (Official Thread)

    Re: Nomy True. But I'm not feeling it yet! :D
  19. Oblivion

    Warrior Soul

    Thanks for the band :) I like them..
  20. Oblivion

    The Favorite Bands/Artists/Groups of the CRF Census

    Just a small reminder that I have to add my own list when I get home ! :D Can't do it without my collection at hand... And even with the collection it'll be a hard and painful choice.. But I don't think my votes will change much since I'll vote for alot of indie bands that probably haven't...
  21. Oblivion

    Tribute/Cover band forum ???

    I'm sure magic will do a tag search :) If many threads pop up she will consider adding a subforum. :D subtle hint for all you guys to add tags to the threads :D I'll send her a PM about it ! Greets !
  22. Oblivion

    Warrior Soul

    :) Damn, I hate my school and them blocking youtube.. This seems like a band worth checking out... Any albums you like?
  23. Oblivion

    Best Cover Songs

    Pro or con ? :D ESOEuBMygbU
  24. Oblivion

    Hurt (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official HURT Thread Magic, you'll love them :) Bry introduced me a few months ago ! Here's my small contribution to the thread. GkY3jxInoOo
  25. Oblivion

    Nomy (Official Thread)

    Re: Nomy He has a good sound but nothing that really makes his music special. :/ For now I'll just keep on checking this thread :) but maybe I'll get convinced (I'm sure S&S will try)

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