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    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official "The Darkness" Thread I really enjoy some of the Darkess, but I'm not a big fan of falsetto and I think my only complaint is that they spend entire songs in falsetto instead of just brief moments like Queen did. Other than that I think they're great and am looking forward to a...
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    Recommend Something New

    The Tallest Man on Earth took a little getting used to, but it's not bad. As someone who despises Dylan's singing, it seems this guy took the Dylan voice but made it a tad less exaggerated.
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    Worst albums of 2009

    I'm with you guys, I can handle political undertones in a song, but nowadays they're not talented about it. I mean, you listen to Fortunate Son, it's a good song, even if you disagree with the message. But nowadays, entire albums are devoted to political issues, and the lyrics aren't even...
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    Best artists to start into the blues?

    I'm just now seriously getting into the blues. So from my neophyte point of view, it all depends on what sort of music you like listening to. Me, I think the sub-genre that I like is called electric blues? I've gotta have a good beat, some cool blues guitar, and some passionate singing...

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