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    Who do you want to see in concert, but have not seen?

    Paul McCartney - there's a reason that he's at the top of the list - the rest are in no particular order. Cheap Trick Pink Floyd w/ Roger Waters Bowie Neil Young Gordon Lightfoot - that outta throw a few of you Frampton - dammit, it's as if I copied That70sGuy's list *averts eyes* The Who - with...
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    Martina McBride

    Re: Are There Any Martina McBride Fans Here? Love Martina! She's got such a powerful voice, reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt's, IMO. My fave is Independence Day. 4VPpAZ9_qAw
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    Songs About the Weather

    Here's one that I was made aware of by my father who made twin cassettes for my sister and I for Christmas of 1973 (Dad was ahead of the times). This song was one of the songs on those cassettes... aO1LbkuPfqo And another stormy favorite of classic rock... DPk4EX2GDc0
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    Fleetwood Mac (Official Thread)

    RIP Bob Welch and thank you for the music.
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    Rubber Soul vs Let It Bleed

    I hate seeing the the Beatles pitted against the Stones because I can never vote for the Stones when that happens!
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    John Waite - Orlando, FL - 6/6/12

    I'm certainly a fan of John Waite's, but I'll admit that I'd be at one of his shows with the expectation/hope that I'd hear a lot of Babys music. Music that a lot of the general public aren't aware of. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy to hear "Isn't It Time" and "Everytime I Think of You," but...
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    Cobo Arena

    Damn, I love that picture! Too bad that Cobo will never again be the concert venue that it was in years past. Back in the day, I saw Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (1983), KISS (1976), Boston (1979) and Styx (1979). I moved away from Michigan in 1980 so the fun kinda stopped there. I...
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    Thanks to the "Songs That Need to be Heard" thread... Nazareth - Hair of the dog zyY0vnbj94k#! vs. Led Zeppelin - Black Dog fl6s1x9j4QQ
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    songs that need to be heard.

    This one should be called "Hair of the (Black) Dog." fl6s1x9j4QQ
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    Tom Scholz VS Brad Delp

    Very sad if it's true that the harmony between these two didn't extend beyond the edge of the stage. Brad Delp had a voice that was (IMO) incomparable. I was lucky to have seen Boston on two occasions. The first was on their Don't Look Back tour when they were at their pinocle (Sammy Hagar was...
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    Strawberry Fields Forever vs I Am The Walrus

    I voted for Strawberry Fields, but that is not to make less of my affinity for I Am The Walrus. Walrus is one of the songs that I like to turn to when I'm angry. There's just something about /uttering/yelling "goo goo g-f*ckin-joob" that soothes my soul. Is it just me?
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    Favorite Aerosmith Album From The 70's?

    Hows about "Rocks in the Attic?" It's a tough choice to be sure, but I have to cast my vote for Rocks. Seasons of Wither has been my favorite Aerosmith tune for damned near four decades. Toss in Back in the Saddle, Last Child and Lord of the Thighs (her thighs were SO nice!) and I'm sold.
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    What is your favourite novelty record?

    My fave? Gotta go with Earache My Eye by Cheech and Chong. Wy51CTN6AfE I'll also make mention of a record that I found much funnier when I was 11 than I do these days. As strange as I find it today, I found it funny 37 years ago. Sorry about the movie/music combo, but this was the best...
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    Bands Named After Places

    Gotta add T.S.O.P (The Sound of Philadelphia) to the list. I'm sure that Don Cornelius (and, coincidentally, **** Clark) would agree.. Pfs1y6L3E7k
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    Before they were famous . . .

    That's Reginald Dwight! And NO, I didn't need to do any extra image clicking!

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