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    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Re: Judas Priest Way, agreed, but a couple bands have pulled it off.
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    Kansas (Official Thread)

    Re: Kansas Carry On Wayward Son, it's like an anthem to me, but other than that, and Dust In The Wind, all their other stuff was just OK.
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    Pink Floyd (Official Thread)

    Re: Pink Floyd Pink Floyd is my favourite band, and I love everything from them from, pre-band stuff like Joker's Wild (A band David was in, in 1965) and Sigma 6, to the Barret stuff, to The Wall, to The Division Bell. This may sound really dumb, but their music could move me to tears (maybe)...
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    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Re: Judas Priest Nothing against them. I've got The Best Of Judas Priest, but I feel that doesn't show their best stuff at all, but a good compilation nonetheless.
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    Hey everyone.

    Thanks everyone. And about Big'N'Rich, I am a fairly big fan of country. I could add more to the Doors and Steppenwolf and other ones like you said, Magic, but those would only be ones that I only like a couple of songs from. In fact actually, I'm listening to Doors right now. And...
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    Hey everyone.

    Okay. I'd guess 14-18? I can't really make a guess when I've seen...hmm...1...2 posts from you lol.
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    Hey everyone.

    Hm, Linkin Park isn't bad, for casual listening. How old are you now then? 12? Just joking.
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    Van halen, hagar or roth?

    I like them all, but Van Halen tops them.
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    Hey everyone.

    Thanks, Grendel. And how did I not mention Guns N Roses. (Your welcome to the jungle thing reminded me of that in case you didn't catch that :P)
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    Coolest album cover.

    I like this one. Pink Floyd, The Division Bell.
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    Hey everyone.

    Hey everyone my name is Zach and I live in Ontario, Canada. (eh?) I am 12. Some bands I like are (In no order of favourites) -Pink Floyd (Favourite) -Led Zeppelin -The Beatles -The Byrds -Lynyrd Skynyrd -AC/DC -Metallica -Mike and the Mechanics -The Eagles -Grateful Dead -Asia -Iron Butterfly...

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