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    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (Official Thread)

    Re: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Never could get into Alex much even though I am the hugest Zal Cleminson because of the band Tear Gas's 1st album. Now that was some killer stuff.
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    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    Re: Thin Lizzy God, I LOVE this band. Phil...TRAGIC!!!!! favorite tune: China of 'em anyhow.
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    Top 10 Drummers

    In no particular order and are listed for various self interpreted reasons: Virgil Donati Dennis Chambers Carl Palmer Billy Cobham Chaino Darrell Sweet Dave Lombardo Vinnie Colaiuta Bill Ward Gene Krupa
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    KISS (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official KISS Thread! It's really weird in that deep down inside I feel I SHOULD be into Kiss. It's good old American Hard Rock, why shouldn't I like them?<----is what I ask myself. I remember when the first Kiss Alive album came out and Kiss really bloomed in popularity. I thought...
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    Underrated bands of the 80's

    Not me cup of tea. Sorry. I'm just a very anti early m-tv sort of guy. I did like liquid television however. It's a funny thing really. I have a very broad vista of musical tastes, but the ONE thing that has always turned me off to anything art related is commercialism. My wife is a huge retro...
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    Underrated bands of the 80's

    Our house in the middle of the street....ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz almost as exciting as the Boomtown Rats singing about Mondays... oh, that *was* the beginning of the end.
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    Was punk necessary?

    You are both partly right. In part, Punk Rock was Nihilistic. In part it was purely rebellious. You have to remember that "Punk Rock" was originally this huge umbrella that many bands got lumped under because of the scenes and fashions they were participating within. Bands like the ***...
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    Underrated bands of the 80's

    Hey MR. Grendel. Didn't see you on here for a while. Glad you are OK. I think Todd Rundgren did some pretty amazing stuff in the 80s. Of course he has always been an under appreciated cult figure. I actually loath the USA 80s as being the most uncreative and commercialized aspect in the time...
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    Mountain (Official Thread)

    Re: Mountain One of the funniest stories I have ever heard came from Lemmy Kilmister's autobiography called White Line Fever. He states that once while at some boring, stuffy social event, he, West and his guitarist Wurzel snuck off to get some air and wound up in a bathroom for a little nose...
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    KISS (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official KISS Thread! You know, I have tried to get into Kiss several times during my lifetime. I even recently went out and purchased their Walmart double disc. Their music has just never done anything for me. It just doesn't seem to groove. It has nothing to do with the musicianship...
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    Most overrated rock artists of all time?

    What would be cool is to find out who you feel exactly should have been rated as equal to, or above those bands/artists that was not. If you could go back an rewrite history, who would you substitute in place of those three and why?
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    Most overrated rock artists of all time?

    Personally, I never understood the whole GNR thing. Axle sounds like he is singing out of one nostril and the music is OK, but nothing too special. ...but all in all, isn't the whole over rated thing about those being popular when we (as in whoever) are thinking they don't deserve the...
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    Most overrated rock artists of all time?

    ^^I more or less group Elvis Costello with Joe Jackson. New Wave pop crafters. Had a few decent tunes but more or less a weak over all output IMO. I will say that both had killer bass players early on.
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    Most overrated rock artists of all time?

    I like Inxs, IMO Journey were a killer sage Rock music writing team consisting of INCREDIBLY talented musicians. However, I absolutely cannot stand listening to their later/last period corporate FM radio overplay. The overplay is what ruined Journey's later catalog for me. You would be surprised...
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    Was punk necessary?


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