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    Blue Cheer (Official Thread)

    So much ground to cover in the world of Rock music joker, I don't know too much about this band ... but I like this, :grinthumb eCT9p2EdnjA
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    Children of the Grave vs Children of the Sea

    :grinthumb It really is the width of a credit card, two stunning tracks :D
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    Eldorado vs Queen II

    :D It's one of my favourites from ELO joker, an absolute pearler IMO.:grinthumb
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    Deep Purple’s Ian Paice Says His Mini-****** Forced Recent Cancellations

    Wishing him all the best and a get well soon. One of my favourite drummers, a class act.
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    Happy Birthday Sweaty

    Av a good one old lad, catch you for a beer soon.:cheers2
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    Uriah Heep (Official Thread)

    I see the same greats topping the "official" lists in the mags ect. and that's fine but it makes me wonder about an alternative list of guitar wizards that perhaps don't always get a mention. People like Mick Ronson, Robbie Robertson, Gary Rossington, Steve Hackett, Paul Kossoff, Roy Buchanan...
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    Best Rock Album of The Last 20 Years...

    Could well be the one for me.
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    Uriah Heep (Official Thread)

    How many guitar slingers would I like to put in my top ten, you just can't fit 'em all in. Mick Box is up there for me. He does the job and more, he's got all the necessary chops a class rock act. Stealin fqLh3OcwvyI
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    Rory Gallagher (Official Thread)

    So many great tunes, at a pinch something like this ... Crest Of A Wave I'm Not Awake Yet Tattoo'd Lady Can't Believe It's True I Fall Apart :grinthumb
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    I am finally 13 years old

    :grinthumb Welcome :grinthumb
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    Rush (Official Thread)

    I just couldn't agree more what a brilliant output. I walked around a Download festival a few years back with a "Caress Of Steel" t-shirt on. I lost count of the number of folk that patted my back or stopped me to praise the album.
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    British Blues Boom(Revival) History

    I will mate cheers, I may be wrong but didn't Alex Harvey's brother have something to do with this band ?
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    Fleetwood Mac (Official Thread)

    I often think about Danny Kirwan, a great musician who followed in the footsteps of British legends a bit like Mick Taylor and Paul Kossoff. Two more top players perhaps overshadowed a bit by their peers, I don't know. Dragonfly yEQ07_22YA0 :bow:
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    British Blues Boom(Revival) History

    I've got "Rock N Roll Gypsies" in the collection and from memory I think Keef Hartley and Jim Mullen feature on the album. Two brilliant musicians. Joker I need to look into some gear by Stone The Crows.
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    Is Rock Dying A Slow Death?

    :D No worries Joker, it's probably the way I wrote my initial post, I could have put it across better. Yeah I've lost count of the number of conversations I've had about this kind of topic with my mates and you're right there will always be positive and negative sides.

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