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    Bruce Willis the Blues Man

    A little Devil Woman from Mr. Bruce Willis. One of my favorite actors. :****: nDXkd2NyCCE
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    Gary Clark Jr

    From the great Youtube channel called Jam in The Van. no its not mine but wish i had thought of this idea MPYLVQfjCts
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    Vintage Trouble

    Heard this for the first time today and fell in love with it dj29oFpcfNA
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    Roth rules out singing Hagar songs with Van Halen

    I like David Roth so much better than Sammy Hagar in Van Halen. I like Hagar's solo music though and thought he would be a good match but in the end i still love the original Van Halen songs the best.
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    Beth Hart (Official Thread)

    my girlfriend and i love Beth Hart. Thank you for all the videos we are checking out the ones we dont know. Never knew she was on Star Search
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    hmm that is a pretty broad answer i like everything from swing to hip hop. dance, country, rock, hick hop, dance, top 40. and a bunch more i could be here all day. Only kind of music i am not crazy about is techno and thrash metal. My favorite types of music though are Blues and Southern...
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    Joe Bonamassa (Official Thread)

    My favorite song by him is the live version of Who Killed John Henry at Hammersmith qSO2XO44mcc
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    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    BBC Sessions I am sure it was posted by now but my favorite album was the BBC sessions and the more bluesy tunes you don't hear played to death on the radio dCDV6vDd_ss :bow:
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    The Legendary Shack Shakers

    New to the site so sorry if this is in the wrong place but was not sure where this genre would go. :pullhair: Rockabilly, swamp rock, Southern Gothic, Carnival, Hillbilly Per Wiki: an American rockabilly/blues band that formed in Paducah, Kentucky in the mid-1990s. They are inspired by...
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    Newbie here. Not much to say other then Howdy :wa

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