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    R.I.P. Wayne Fontana

    Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders "Game of Love" 1965... Raw and live... Wayne Fontana passed away at age 74 on August 6, 2020. RIP.
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    Awesome 6 Year Old Drummer - Check it Out!

    Avery is 13 and still going strong...
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    I love this song...

    BTW Tom hosts his own radio show these days in Sunderland, England every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm local time in North East England. I live in Connecticut so it is on from 11am to 2pm EST in the USA. You can do the math for wherever you live. It's on right now as I'm posting this on Sunday October...
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    I love this song...

    Go back and listen to the lyrics in the first song in this thread and I think maybe Tom is sending a message to several TV talent shows who wanted to showcase him and make money because of his heart condition. Tom turned them down because he loves and creates music for his own reasons, not money...
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    I love this song...

    Tom hit 1000 subscribers on his YouTube channel today, September 26th. Thanks to anyone here who helped. Here is a nice original from him called United City, about the terrorist attack on Manchester, UK on May 22, 2017. Thanks!
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    I love this song...

    Thank you very much to anyone who has made it this far into this thread. When I first became a fan of Tom's I had no idea about his heart condition. When I found out about it, it definitely floored me and made me a bigger fan. It scares me, I admit that. This boy was born with a condition that...
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    I love this song...

    Tom Mouse Smith is very talented and cool, and is looking for 1,000 subs on his YouTube channel. He is very talented and is living with a serious heart defect described here: If you have a YouTube channel and want to help him out by...
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    I love this song...

    You want to see Tom sing live? Check this out... Tom lives with a serious heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. God Bless him.... Good night!
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    I love this song...

    What did you expect? Look out for the younger generation... Check out his YT channel...
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    Progressive Rock kid

    2018 update.... Cool!
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    Awesome 6 Year Old Drummer - Check it Out!

    Wow...Avery shows his talent on different instruments in his latest video...November Rain. Very cool!
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    Awesome 6 Year Old Drummer - Check it Out!

    Won't Get Fooled Again maSVBy01gl8 Awesome! :grinthumb
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    MightyMouseDex - Drumming Prodigy

    As a result of watching videos by drumming prodigy Avery Molek, I ran across another young drumming talent in the "recommended videos" that impressed me. He is a 9 year old Filipino-American named Dexter. He's a pretty cool kid with some raw talent. Check him out! Here are a couple of his...
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    Awesome 6 Year Old Drummer - Check it Out!

    2017 is here and Avery is still going strong. Love this new video 1/19/2017... Flirtin' with Disaster FTEq6_Iq4wA
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    The Doors / Donner Pass

    This is a pretty cool video that was shot in the general area where the Donner Party became stranded back in 1846, and shows the weather conditions they had to endure. Even in modern times people become stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The video is hauntingly set to music from The...

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