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Aug 19, 2016
Jan 18, 2006
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Sub Sonic Soul Shaker

Slip'nn2Darkness was last seen:
Aug 19, 2016
    1. Trickster
      I'm liking the new song you picked out! I know i need a ew song but gotta think of one..:heheh:
    2. Trickster
      :oyea::cheers2You come up with some funny ass pictures!!
    3. opera races
      opera races
      Hi Slip! I thought I had that Monkees song on my list … I usually do (this is a subject I actually keep track of :heheh: ) but with an asterisk – they went and spelled my name wrong! The nerve of them! :oyea:

      I used to work with a guy, one of the managers at the previous place … who for some reason got into … almost every time he saw me or would go by my desk he’d start singing Valleri and purposely way off key. I suppose one of those things that could get on one’s nerves after awhile but it was kinda funny too.
    4. Trickster
      :oyea::grinthumb OMG that was so Funny!!Love it !!:cheers2
    5. Nololob
    6. Trickster
      By boo...:cheers2
    7. Trickster
      :oyea: That's awesome!! You should still do that! if you don't already!! :D Do you still have the ninja head gear?:heheh: Well boo i should run and start my day.. Need to eat my cereal and take shower here. Glad i found y this morning! :yh::yay:
    8. Trickster
      No you never told me about this club "Naked Ninja's":oyea: Now you have to tell! :heheh: ot sure what I'm gonna do.. My mom wants to take Ryan shopping for a pair of nice pants and a shirt for a wedding he has in July. My sister said she may stop over with the kids to.. so will see.
    9. Trickster
      I wanna see that movie with tom but I'll wait to rent it! Now magic mike i might have to go with a bunch of girls.. Just gotta see those boys dance and wiggle:heheh: It cost me 27$ Friday night to go see that movie and that was the cost of the tickets popcorn and 2 sodas ... let me say it was not worth it! So what ya gonna do today? Mancave day with all the rain?
    10. Trickster
      You can send some of that rain by me, my grass is turning yellow brown from it being so dry. The movie was OK not s good as i thought it would be, kinda was disappointing.. should have waited to rent it! But i wanna see that movie you posted a picture of! All good looking men right there!
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    Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.
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