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    The Ramones (Official Thread)

    They were too young to die.
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    Please suggest me some songs like (inside)

    Thanks Julie and Hurdy Gurdy Man! Yeah I like Despeche mode, I just was thinking if there were more of bands like that. Thank you for the suggestions Hurdy, they are awesome!
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    The Police (Official Thread)

    "Message In A Bottle" is my favorite.
  4. Redneck

    Please suggest me some songs like (inside)

    Great, thank you! It's actually the first time I hear of this band and they absolutely fit my taste
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    Hi from Russia!
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    Please suggest me some songs like (inside)

    Okay thank you!
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    Please suggest me some songs like (inside)

    Well I got totally lost and I couldn't find a special thread to ask this question so I just made a new one. Forgive me if something. I recently got into this type of music and I can't even recognize its genre. Some indie stuff but it gets me. Was asking Google to help me to find similar songs...
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    M83 (Official Thread)

    Oh wow. I love this band. Especially their track "Midnight City". It's really awesome
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    Hi !

    Welcome Hells Bells!
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    McCartney or Wilson?

    Was curious about people's opinions on this subject so dropped in and read both two pages. I didn't expect there will be none voters for Wilson here, since he's also awesome. I tend to think McCartney has done so many wonderful hits that it's not to be compared to anyone else. Still I like them...
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    The Searchers (Official Thread)

    Wow they are so good. That's what I was looking for for the last two months.
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    Happy Birthday Magic

    Happy Brithday:)
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    Happy Birthday ILoveJimmy Page

    oh I'm so late, sorry, but anyway Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday ComfortablyNumb

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Riff Raff!!!!

    Happy Birthday!

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