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Apr 10, 2013
Jan 8, 2013
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Apr 10, 2013
    1. DaKillerWolf
      Awesome, my favorite since Gates of Fire \m/
    2. DaKillerWolf
      New MR is awesome bro and yeah I have Hellwell...pretty flippin' cool kinda like MR with keys but in a good way.

      The Huntress CD is pretty damn cool too. I meant as the year goes on ...I only have a handful myself. We could add to Lolobs thread...I'm going to. Good place to share new recs it's a sticky in metal thread.
    3. DaKillerWolf
      I'm really into the new Manilla Road since picking it up yesterday. I've played it 4 times already. Haven't had alot of time to look into 2013 as of yet but will be soon.

      Have you got Mysterium yet ? Gonna get the new Cathedral, Voviod, Ghost and Hypocrisy for sure....can't wait for the new Sabbath to be released.

      You got suggestions ? We could make a best or favs of 2013 thread in the metal section if you want to co-write it w/ me.
    4. DaKillerWolf
      Been pulling long hours at work...12 hour days alot of the time and just burnt out from that and trying to keep my weight training etc. up. I plan to be lazy here for a long stretch... about work at least so..... I'll be around here alot more. Glad to see some action in the metal section since I went awol.

      I think between you and me we could make this the best metal section on the web if we wanted to haha \m/

      Happy to find you here old friend.
    5. DaKillerWolf
      hey bro,,whats up \m/
    6. TBro
      Thank You so much re Uni Jon Roth, Cheers Terry
    7. Magic
      Thanks for posting some Metal Gems in my thread.
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