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    Greatest Drummer!!!!

    Ceasar Zuiderwik of Golden Earring.
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    Deep Purple Best Album Opinions

    I would say Machine Head is tops for me. I just bought Perfect Strangers on vinyl but have not listened yet. Back in the day I thought Come Taste The Band was pretty darn good despite the funky interludes which I hated. Without those funky parts it might have give MH a good run. At least for me.
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    Another Album Battle. Which One Wins For You?

    Arkie, I f I did then Sabbath's first winds hands down
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    Another Album Battle. Which One Wins For You?

    Two rock icons battle it out with these albums. Which one is your preference In Rock or LZ's debut album?
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    Rocket Man vs. Space Oddity

    Space Oddity is great but Rocket Man for me.
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    David Bowie vs Elton John

    Agree! To me this is not even close. EJ by light years.
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    Hometown Bust vs. Napoleon Bona Part 1 & 2

    Budgie by a mile for me.
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    Journey -Stone in Love Vs. Brian Adams - Summer of "69"

    His best song! Gets my vote.
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    Bruce Springsteen vs. Dire Straits song?

    Thank You! Thought it was just me. While I like a couple of his songs, "The Boss" is not my bag, at all.
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    Bob Seger or Neil Young tune?

    Once again, I respect peoples opinions but son't have to agree with them. Neil Young sucks! Who told him he could sing?
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    Deep Purple VS Pink Floyd

    I personally never understood the love for Pink Floyd. Never liked them.
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    70's or 80's Judas Priest?

    Interesting as I think it's one of my least favorites. Stained Class and Sad Wings are the best to me. SIn After Sin is an often overlooked album but I think it's killer.
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    Queen and Styx songs knockout?

    Suite Madame Blue by a mile. Anything by a mile over Queen. To me they suck.
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    The Beatles Albums Are in Your Top Five

    Help Abbey Road Sgt. Pepper Beatles For Sale Rubber Soul Song for song, Help is a heavy hitter. Beatles For Sale is so underrated it's a crime, and The White Album the most overrated. While side three influenced me to embrace hard rock as my favorite type of music, the album contains so much...
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    What Album Do You Like Better?

    Tough one here, both incredible and Walk On Water was made almost thirty years after Phenomenon. Blackout has some great tunes on it. What do guys say?

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