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    Van Canto (Official thread)

    Re: Van Canto Some of their other not-single songs are less funny and more listenable.
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    Van Canto (Official thread)

    Re: Van Canto Another great song I found by them 'A unbelievable melodic metal experience' is how I saw it put...and I agree. Maybe not that amazing, but its got such a cool vibe to it. qY4ZYvtBw7s&NR=1
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    Sonata Arctica (Official Thread)

    Re: Sonata Arctica The ending of their live DVD, even without watching the whole thing. It's still Epic
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    Van Canto (Official thread)

    Re: Van Canto I've just listened to their albums (All 2!) and they rocked all the way through. I'm in love with these guys, its such a cool idea, and they do it amazingly. This is one of their songs, not a cover, and its pretty awesome too. The end makes me shiver every time, when all the...
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    Van Canto (Official thread)

    Official Website I wasn't sure what to think when I first heard of these guys....5 singers and a drummer? How the hell would this work? And I was amazed how well they pull it off. Honestly its one of the coolest bands I've ever found. DISCOGRAPHY: A Storm to Come (2006) Tribe of Force...
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    Sonata Arctica (Official Thread)

    Re: Sonata Arctica I love when the vocals cut out, and Tony just headbangs...he's got such a cool presence about him.
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    Edguy (Official Thread)

    Re: Edguy I'm a bigger fan of Avantasia, but Edguy is pretty cool too :D. Tobias is an amazing vocalist, and I never tire of listening to him. My favorite song by far by them. The solo's are so amazing. UP6IBTDVgrU
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    Sonata Arctica (Official Thread)

    Re: Sonata Arctica I dunno.....Winterheart's Guild is an AMAZING album, but Ecliptica has such a good vibe, as their first real album. Bursting from the gates, rocking the world. It's really close. But for sure, if you were going to listen to only 3, it would be Ecliptica, Winterheart's...
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    Sonata Arctica (Official Thread)

    Re: Sonata Arctica Ecliptica > Winterheart's Guild > Unia > Reckoning Night > The Days of Grey > Silence In that order :D
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    Sonata Arctica (Official Thread)

    Re: Sonata Arctica didn't bug me until my dad said something about him. And then I listened and realized that he has no variety, 90% of songs he plays the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but if only he would through a fill in there every once in a while, or something...hah
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    Spin Doctors

    Re: spin doctors anyone? I honestly don't know anything else by them, except for Two Princes, but damn I love that song :D
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    Power Metal

    A song by the Swedish Power Metal band Nocturnal Rites. uJW22TCFtdA
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    Sonata Arctica (Official Thread)

    Re: Sonata Arctica Whoooo! Sonata Arctica ;D I love this may be obvious from my sig/avatar. There is nothing I don't love about this band, except for Tommy Portimo's drummer (if only he was good :D). Because they have evolved their sound over the years, from a very fast Power Metal...
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    Kamelot (Official Thread)

    Re: Kamelot So I've been listening to my recently acquired Kamelot collection. And I found out they had a singer before Roy Khan. I have to say...I don't like him. He's alright, but Roy is just amazing. Gknuor4h4-s Pxxu9KAqRv0 What do you think? He sounds a lot like the dude from...
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    Nightwish (Official Thread)

    Re: Nightwish I loved Nightwish, and then swore off their new stuff with Annete, because no one could be Tarja. But eventually I realized it aint half bad...even if she isn't Tarja. :tongue: Their live DvD 'The End of an Era' is epic. Its the concert right before they give Tarja the boot. And...

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