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    The end of Gene Simmons "Family Jewels"

    Well that is sad news! :wa "Family Jewels" was one of my favorite reality shows, mainly because I liked to see what Nick Simmons was up to ;) But I feel like ever since their wedding episode it has become a really dead, boring show with the same story line pretty much for every episode- Gene is...
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    Personal Videos

    Just an uploaded image from my desktop is all. I will try it again!
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    Personal Videos

    Thanks so much! I got it in the User Journal forum! But this is a little off-topic to the earlier subject, but how do I set a picture as my signature?
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    Best Guitar Work

    It is soooo hard to just pick a few! But if I had to say.... Jimmy Page- D'yer Mak'er Mick Mars- Home Sweet Home (really, Mick was a good guitarist in general but I just LOVE the solo in Home Sweet Home) Tony Iommi- Paranoid So far that is all I can think of, though I know there is probably...
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    Personal Videos

    How do I do that? I just posted tonight in the User Journal forum and I'm still not sure how it all works!
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    Aerosmith Album?

    Thanks for the advice! Hahah yeah, I've definately noticed the language of Steve Tyler. I love it though- it is so unique and no one but him can pull it off
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    Personal Videos

    Is it possible to post personal videos that I've filmed anywhere on here? Can I post them in a thread or on my public profile at all?
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    The reunion we have all been waiting for is gonna happen at the Olympics closing...

    Re: The reunion we have all been waiting for is gonna happen at the Olympics closing. Do they really have any good hits besides "Wannabe"? I loved their performance, but they don't appeal to me. They are one of those groups I will never really understand.
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    Hollywood Undead

    Black Dahlia is probably my favorite HU song!
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    Aerosmith Album?

    I think the 70's will be my favorite, but I'm also really into power ballads too!
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    Aerosmith Album?

    Thanks! That is what I have been doing! I will listen to one album for a week and move on to the next one. It's a very helpful way of doing it! Motley Crue I'm not so worried about because I know so much of their stuff already, thats why I'm adding Aerosmith on to it. Next year I have made it...
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    Aerosmith Album?

    I've recently decided to start learning/listening to every song of a certain band every year. I've grown up listening to Guns-n-Roses and I'm proud to say I can name and sing every single one of their songs (well, the ones up until their breakup at least, I don't know any of the current ones)...
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    Powerful Live Performances

    Though I have no video from it, I just saw KISS/Motley Crue on their tour opener in Virginia Beach and it was amazing! I was moved to tears! KISS just knows how to put on a good show- they are masters at what they do. The atmosphere of the whole concert is incredible. I think the fact that they...
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    What are the most creepiest/disturbing songs you've heard ?

    Sorry about the above post. I'm kinda new to this. But though this song isn't creepy in general, the beginning is rather eerie. 7cNVmI2r9ls And this version creeped me out more than the original from "Nightmare Before Christmas". Marilyn Manson just adds that touch. wsumEnI5O2k

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