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    Favorite 70's Band/Song

    Been a fan of Deep Purple since childhood, although partial to Mark1 most of all but favorite song out of the 70's happens to be "Gettin' Tighter" off Come Taste the Band, with "Sail Away" from Burn not too far behind. h-sIKX227Yk&hd=1 and Thin Lizzy with "Spirit Slips Away" from their 1975...
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    Favorite pic of your favorite artist

    John Lee ******.
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    Own 'Stand up and Fight' as Mick Hopkins is my favorite NWOBHM guitarist, next to John Sykes' time in Tygers of Pan Tang. mItAxi0Vkwc
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    Favorite pic of your favorite artist

    Phil Lynott and Rory Gallagher.
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    Do You Still Buy Cds / Vinyl?

    Cassettes, cds, it all!
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    Favourite Metal Drummers.

    Charlie Benante (Anthrax & Stormtroopers Of Death). Emilio Marquez (Sadistic Intent, Coffin Texts, & Possessed). Hank Williams III (Buzzkill & Arson Anthem). Ian Paice (Deep Purple & Whitesnake). Joe Hasselvander (Pentagram, Raven, & Blue Cheer). Paul Whaley (Blue Cheer). Pete Sandoval...
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    RIP Casey Kasem

    Words can not express my feelings on this but thanks to him my Saturday mornings were that much better when the radio was worth listening to and for me personally I'll remember Mr. Kasem fondly as the voice of Cliffjumper on the original Transformers (1984). R.I.P. and thank you Mr. Casey Kasem.
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    Compile a 'Best of . . . ' for your favourite band

    Deep Purple. 1. One More Rainy Day. 2. Mandrake Root. 3. Listen, Learn, Read On. 4. Wring that Neck. 5. Chasing Shadows. 6. Why Didn't Rosemary? 7. Demon's Eye. 8. Pictures of Home. 9. Sail Away. 10. Stormbringer. 11. Hold On. 12. Gettin' Tighter. 13. Love Child. 14. Perfect...
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    Posters on your wall?

    Some wall flags & a pillow a friend made.
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    Exodus (Official Thread)

    Welcome back Zetro! hf0VXqeNQ-k&hd=1
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    Deep Purple (Official Thread)

    From the morning after their show in 2012 :D Hanging with Ian Paice. Hanging with Don Airey.
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    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    One of my finer moments that occurred four years ago :D Hanging with Brian Downey. Hanging with Scott Gorham.
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    NWOBHM Bands

    Tough call as there all classics but overall from this list have to go with Quartz 'Stand Up and Fight' just for Mick Hopkins guitar work alone although Tygers of Pan Tang's 'Spellbound' remains my favorite within the entire genre. A few other favorites that come to mind would be Angel Witch's...
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    Favourite 80s metal singer

    David White from Bay Area Speedster's Heathen. 8OcXxM8-rBU&hd=1 but Bobby 'Blitz' (Overkill). David Coverdale. The late David Wayne (Metal Church's first two albums). Gary St. Pierre (formerly from Hawaii and Vicious Rumors). John Arch (formerly from Fates Warning, currently in...
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    Radio Moscow

    Saw them open for Pentagram a few months ago, one of the best live bands to come around for some time.

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