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    Biggest Music What Ifs ______

    What if janis joplin didnt OD? What if buddy holly didnt die?
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    Before they were famous . . .

    John Lennon lol
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    Before they were famous . . .

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    Sad Songs by Artists Known for Their Upbeatness

    Nearly everything by Janis Joplin....
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    Top 25 Singers/Vocalists

    This isn't in order...apart from the first one lol Janis Joplin Edith Piaf Otis Redding Paul McCartney John Lennon Ray Charles Etta James Grace Slick Neil Young David Gilmour Stevie Nicks Jack Bruce Arthur Lee Jim Morrison Justin Hayward Gary Brooker Cass Elliot Michelle...
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    When does a song or album become a classic?

    60s to 70s and maybe 80s. I get really frustrated when people consider 90s to be classic rock...
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    Before they were famous . . .

    Future Legend...
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    Ten Years After (Official Thread)

    never heard of them...thank you for introducing this band to me though.
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    Name All the Bands You've Seen Live

    :omg: please tell me about Janis...I love her so much, if I was alive back then I would have done anything to see her :wa
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    Name All the Bands You've Seen Live

    Did you ever see Janis Joplin?
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    Top 10 Rock Guitarists

    1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Dave Gilmour 3. Chuck Berry 4. BB King 5. Eric Clapton 6. Jimmy Page 7. Jerry Garcia 8. Jeff Black 9. Pete Townshend 10. Albert King
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    **** Cavett talking about Janis Joplin

    About 6 months ago I watched a video of **** cavett talking about the interview he did with Janis, not long before she passed away. I think it was on 20/20, he mentioned that she didn't think anyone would care if she died (or something to that effect) anyway i've been looking for it lately but...
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    Janis Joplin (Official Thread)

    Re: Janis Joplin (an "official" thread) oooh! I want ****
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    Welcome....I love the beatles personally but I do like your list, i'm a fan of pink floyd, the jam and the eagles too :)

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