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    New Girl

    By the way. Not only did uncle Duane play guitar he played the haunting slide guitar.
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    New Girl

    Yes she might just be the first to be grilled like a big whopper on joining. May not be the last though.:cheers2
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    New Girl

    And if you guess that the 10 point bonus question is: What member of that band played with Eric Clapton on the classic song Layla and for the 20 point bonus question what instrument did he play in that song?
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    Happy Birthday Midnight Rider!!!!

    There were so many candles on the cake Al Gore is starting to bring me up as a cause for global warming.
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    New Girl

    Hi Rika. You better study up. There will be a test on your classic rock IQ.
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    Happy Birthday Midnight Rider!!!!

    Thanks! It was a great Birthday. I didn't get any new old music but I am working on my Christmas wish list. Moody Blues, Buddy Guy and Yardbirds top the list so far.
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    40 years ago today...we lost Jimi

    I was wondering the other day why no movie has ever been made about Jimi's life. It would be a great movie and a great way to showcase the great music of that era. I guess it would be impossible to find an actor who could do justice to the part.
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    A Southern Rock Shootout

    I do have a great fondness for The Allman Brothers and obviously Midnight Rider since they took the name from me.
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    It's time to move on.

    Wish you all the best of luck with the new venture. I think for myself it is time to move on to other interests. I may be back one day. I am not sure. Maybe it would be good to say more but I think maybe it is best to just move on. Again wishing you all the best of luck.
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    What's an artist that only you like? (and I mean ONLY you)

    Crying Tears by Cuby + The Blizzards I am the only one now but not for long. The song is so obscure whoever posted it on Youtube called them the Buzzards instead of Blizzards. My favorite Blues song of all time. 3HdtLE2EbS0
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    Songs About the Road, Destinations, Travel, etc.

    The Long and Winding Road by the Beatles. On the Road again by Willie Nelson The best of all in my opinion though is Turn The Page by Bob Seger 3khH9ih2XJg
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    My apologies! :)

    Hmm. I will have to get Magic, LG or Obby to remind me how that ban thingy works.
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    Were The Monkees really a band?

    You are right about that. Michael was the driving force and best musician in the group. Peter Tork would be next. Davy Jones was mostly a cute face for the girls. Micky Dolenz had some talent but was more for comedy than anything musical .
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    Were The Monkees really a band?

    If I remember right most the Monkees early song material was written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Heart.
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    My apologies! :)

    I did not mean anything against Celine the member. My goodness no. He is a great addition to the forum and I know he will add alot. I was just being my puckish mischievious self.

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