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    10cc is one of the most fun bands I've ever heard and their story is interesting too

    Great video! I've loved 10cc since they hit the charts in the early 70's, but there was a lot I didn't know about them. I must go and check out some more of their albums. One thing I'm surprised you didn't mention was Godley & Creme's innovative video "Cry". It was revolutionary in the heyday of...
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    Artist/band live streams

    Not a livestream as such, but my band has a new live EP out. A couple of classic rock covers written by Don Nix and Neil Young, taken from a performance we played just before the pandemic struck. Hope you enjoy it.
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    ☆The Plenty Of 1970☆

    The 70's was the most musically diverse for the UK charts of any decade before or since. I really wish we could get that diversity back into the mainstream. These days, not only are most of the charts filled with very similar genres of music, but some of the records are so identical that it's...
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    ☆The Plenty Of 1970☆

    I used to do the live sound for Edwin Starr. He was one of the few singers that hated the sound of his own voice. So much so, in fact, that he never wanted any monitors within earshot and insisted that all the monitors were positioned in front of the other band members. He was also, rather...
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    ☆The Plenty Of 1970☆

    I played the single to death. I distinctly remember it being quoted as the single that broke the 10/- barrier! I later bought their album and am still a fan.
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    70s girl band you love

    ***** and Birtha were a couple of all-girl rock bands that I bpought albums from in the 70's. It was around the time when I started playing drums in a band with some school friends, so I suppose they were also among my influences.
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    New Classic Rock Releases

    It's really helpful to me being introduced to all these great new classic rock bands! Keep 'em coming!
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    New Classic Rock Releases

    That is true in a way, but it is now a recognised genre classification and there are bands around now that are producing new music with a classic rock sound. So what else would you call it?
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    New Classic Rock Releases

    With the rise in the "New Wave of Classic Rock", There should be a forum here for New CLassic Rock releases. I'd like to kick it off with this new release from a female blues/rock singer who has just released her soulful version of Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower". I'd be interested in...
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    Charity Event Next Sunday 27th Oct

    Just a quick mention for anyone who is in the Bolton, UK area on Sunday afternoon. My band (The Dave Strider Band) is playing a gig to raise money for Daryl, the founder of the NorthWest Motorcycle Alliance, who has only been given a few weeks to live. Entry by donation only. We're performing...
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    Classic Rock Subgenres?

    I'm looking for ideas for a subgenre of Classic Rock that my band might fall into and I've hit a dead end. Our music in general has elements of Retro-Metal (I.e. Sabbath), but also other elements as diverse as space rock and punk. Here is the link to our current single. I would appreciate any...
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    Hey, any fellow drummers in here who know a lot about vintage kits?

    I bought my first "proper" kit in the mid 70's. It was a Pearl Powermate Wood/fibreglass kit. The wooden shells had a fibreglass inner lining. I think fibreglass was a big thing in drum shells at the time. The Slingerland kit, as I remember (not sure on the model name but it was the one that had...
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    ZZ Top - What genre/subgenre would you classify them as?

    Yes, I'd agree with blues rock, but is that a subgenre of Classic Rock? I would have though it a separate genre. I'm actually here to talk about subgenres myself. But I'll not hijack your thread! LOL
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    Hello from the UK

    I'm pleased to meet you all. I've been playing classic rock on and off for over over 40 years. I hope to find some great new friends.

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