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    Happy Birthday ILoveJimmy Page

    Thanks. It was the best birthday of my life actually. :)
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    SUPRALUNAR - new video!

    Moved to the appropriate section. :grinthumb Also deleted the other thread with the same information and kept this one since it had a response.
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    Happy Birthday ILoveJimmy Page

    Thank you. :)
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    Happy Birthday ILoveJimmy Page

    Wow, thank you sooo much guys! I had an absolutely incredible birthday with friends, and probably had way too much to drink (*** On The Beach is my new favorite btw, the drink I mean :D). Probably the best birthday ever. Thanks for the wishes!!!! :)
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    Karaoke and You

    Indeed, they seemed to be a hit last night with the college crowd. :)
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    Christmas songs

    This song ALWAYS puts me in the Christmas spirit. :) Wham! ~ Last Christmas E8gmARGvPlI
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    Karaoke and You

    There was a guy last night who actually did The Darkness' "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" justice. He was really good, and he really got the crowd going! I think Cosmic would've approved. :D I am also noticing that Journey seems to be a staple on the karaoke choices each week, and Queen of...
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    Back Covers

    Seeing this thread reminded me, I was at Barnes and Noble today and they have this display for these AWESOME front and back CD cover puzzles. They had "Let It Bleed", "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust...", "Nevermind" and a few others. They're released in series so more will be coming. I...
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    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    Is it Logan or Jesse that's the musician? I could swear it's Logan, though I don't know much about his music. Besides I think Jesse is only in his early twenties right? Robert's kids are all good-looking. Carmen is very pretty, and has her dad's great hair. :D I'm about halfway through...
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    Cheesy 90s pop songs/vids you can't help but love?

    ^^^ I remember that show vaguely. :) Anyone remember this song? Probably not. :heheh: ul4W7tRzQYk Or this one? v6evcaJJD-A Memories. :)
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    Hip Hop/Underground Hip Hop

    I was listening to this one earlier... Featuring Slash of all people! eMOIUUS8GWo
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    rory gallagher or ten years after

    On second thought, I think it may be something with the iPad I'm using, because there are other videos not working for me on here. Terry let me know if the poll is right though. I can't see the videos so I'm not sure if the poll was for songs or the artists themselves. :)
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    rory gallagher or ten years after

    I added the poll and DKW's choice into it but I haven't had luck fixing the links in the OP. If I knew the songs I could. Otherwise I have no idea what is wrong.
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    Happy Birthday rtbuck!!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
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    Hip Hop/Underground Hip Hop

    I didn't know where else to put this, but I am loving the hell out of this song. 1WifEFI6eK8

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