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    What is a song that has emotional significance to you right now?

    This song always reminds me of the love i have for my wife. Its a very understated ****** song.
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    What is a song that has emotional significance to you right now?

    Never heard this song before. I really like the singer's voice
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    What is a song that has emotional significance to you right now?

    This song always gives me the chills
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    What is a song that has emotional significance to you right now?

    This song always brings some deep emotions out of me. Billy Corgan is talking about a day he was feeling suicidal. I have felt that way at times and this song kept me going because to know you are not alone with these feelings.
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    Favorite Nu Metal bands

    In no particular order Rage Against the Machine Korn Papa Roach Deftones Godsmack Chevelle
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    Greatest Drummer!!!!

    Danny Carrey from Tool is the best IMO
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    Rage Against the Machine vs Korn

    I personally prefer RATM over Korn. I think Tom Morello is a vastly better guitar player than either monkey or head. In his day Zach was as energetic as any frontman around. I also think RATM had more better songs. Share your votes and thoughts
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    Death was a protopunk/ garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan and formed in 1971. They were an all black trio and also brothers. They lead singer and guitarist David Hackley is currently dead from lung cancer. They were widely completely unknown until 2008 when there album started making it...
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    Corrine Bailey Rae

    I just noticed the link to the video I wanted to post of her no longer exists. Here is a live version of IMO her best song "Like a Star" htmE_cSDtwM
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    Shinedown (Official Thread)

    Brent Smith is one of the most talented vocalists to come out in the last 15 years. He is an interesting blend of the best of Chris Cornell and Ronnie Zan Vant. If their voices had a child they wold produce Brent Smith. I agree with Soot. His best performances are stripped down versions...
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    Third Eye Blind Appreciation Thread

    Third Eye Blind is one of the best bands of the 90's. Yes they have continued on with releases and tours in the 2000's but, have never come close topping their 6 million copies sold, (1997) self-titled debut album and the songs that came from it. Stephen Jenkins, singer/co songwriter/rhythm...
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    Can I do this

    Hi man. I just wanted to say you are really good guitarist. It is not easy to learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time. I was self trained singer most of my life. I use a falsetto sometimes when I sing, but I was using improperly. I wrecked my voice for moths after one show. I...
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    Best Music Experiences/Memories

    I couldn't have said it much better. So many songs I can make connections with different points in my life. Yes music transcends things like gender, race, ****** orientation and religion. I always get ****** when people say white music or black music. It's BS. You can't see music so a race...
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    Best Music Experiences/Memories

    This thread is for us CRF members to share our best/favorite music related experiences/memories. All of us take the time to write passionate posts about our favorite bands/artists. For us we are more than just the average radio listeners. Music has strummed a personal chord or two deep within...
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    Greg Johnson

    Thanks Soot I really appreciate that. I will let Amanda know that. Yes she does have a beautiful voice.

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