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    Happy Birthday Gearjammer!!!

    Thanks everyone!:grinthumb
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    Gary Moore R.I.P

    Gary Moore is dead I just caught this story on AOL. Haven't seen it posted on here, so I thought I'd pass it along... Former Thin Lizzy Guitarist Gary Moore Dead at 58 - Spinner
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    Albert King and Srv "In Session"

    I'm right now watching a studio jam with Albert King and Stevie Ray. It has been out in album form for years, but apparently a DVD has been released. It is airing now, and has an airing again in a few hours on PBS. I don't know when this will broadcast again, or when it will air in your area...
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    Stevie Ray Vaughan (Official Thread)

    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn 20 ****ing years! Seems like just yesterday:wtf: Still missed here!:cheers2 RIP Stevie
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    Happy Birthday Gearjammer!

    And three cheers to that LG!:cheers2
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    Happy Birthday Gearjammer!

    Thanks to everyone for your birthday greetings!
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    Rock movies & documentaries

    A good one on right now......Hail Hail Rock and Roll. Follows the making of a Chuck Berry tribute show, headed by Keith Richards. Good music, but unfortunately, Berry come off as an enormous *****.
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    Rock movies & documentaries

    There was a Beatles documentary called The Complete Beatles. It's probably close to 25 years old. It was on video at the tiime, don't know if it has come to DVD, but it was really good, and is recomended viewing if you like the Beatles.
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    Sublime (Official Thread)

    Re: Sublime Sublime was a great band. It is a ****ing shame that Bradley Nowell didn't live long enough to see the tremendous sucess they had with the self titled Sublime disc. "*********" got a fair amount of airplay in Boston, but I didn't make an immediate connection when "What I Got" came...
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    ********* Ladies (Official Thread)

    Re: ********* Ladies This is another band that once drove me apeshit, I think because of One Week, and It's All been Done. But like a fungus, they grew on me. I love The Old Apartment, but I think Brian Wilson edges it out as favorite song for me. I was sorry to hear of them parting ways...
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    Weezer (Official Thread)

    Re: Weezer I have to tell you, I ****ing hated Weezer when they came out. However, since getting into satellite radio, I have been listening again to heavy doses of 90's music, and I really dig their stuff now. I don't have anything in the collection, and I guess I should. I enjoy the fact...
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    Gregg Allman's new liver

    I think you may have misunderstood part of my post. To my knowledge, Allman's sickness is solely his liver problem. I was referring to Mickey Mantle. He recieved a liver, but was already sick with cancer, which ultimately killed him shortly after recieving his new liver.
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    Gregg Allman's new liver

    And what's worse is he was already sick with cancer as well. Maybe he didnt know it, but it was something a thorough exam would have uncovered. I don't begrudge Allman, I wouldn't turn a needed organ down either. It's the system that needs fixing. If nothing else, hopefully the celebrity...
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    Gregg Allman's new liver

    I was reading about this just this morning. Hadn't seen it in her, so I thought I'd share. Gregg Allman undergoes liver transplant - Local & State - I love the Allman's and their music, but honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this. Glad he get's to live another day, but there...
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    J. Geils Band (Official Thread)

    Re: the J. Geils Band I don't know if they still do, but for quite some time they also played as Bluestime, and did a lot of gigs in the Boston area.

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