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    British India

    I loved their album Thieves, and I even posted a few tracks from it on my long dormant youtube channel. Lately I haven't been keeping up on them only because of the sheer bulk of good music I've been getting into from elsewhere, but I still enjoy their tunes! :grinthumb This is my favourite...
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    Architecture In Helsinki!

    BOOM BAM AND WHATNOT, et cetera! There is a new album on the way and a new song and it's been really quiet and I don't know why because I'm kind of excited and and my avatar is from an old music video of theirs and and AIH ARE BACK! :D vlRp5650xok
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    The Cat Empire (Official Thread)

    From what I've seen, they've done at least one U.S tour a year, sometimes two. I just checked the website to find out they've just completed their latest 21 city, 28 day U.S tour and are currently playing in England and Europe. Then they'll head back to Australia in November for our festival...
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    Arcade Fire

    This is Reflektor, and it is amazing! 7E0fVfectDo
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    Atlas Genius

    Atlas Genius are a band from Adelaide, formed in 2009 and they released thier debut album "When It Was Now" in early 2013. Their music is diverse and introspective, riding the borderlines of pop, rock and psychedelia. The album is a happy, dreamy ride not without bumps and shudders, but full of...
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    The Cat Empire (Official Thread)

    Thanks Harmony, I'm sure you'll get your chance as well. They're all nice easygoing guys and they tour the U.S often. :grinthumb
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    The Cat Empire (Official Thread)

    I'm glad you had a wonderful night Harmony! They truly are a live band through and through, last year they reached the milestone of 1000 official shows and they're only showing signs of speeding up! I still recall seeing The Cat Empire live in 2010 as one of my life's ultimate music experiences...
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    Air (French Band) (Official Thread)

    Bumping this, not only because Air are absolutely amazing but also because I recently picked up 2009's "Love 2" and have come to the conclusion that it is love itself in music form. This song in particular is my favourite from the album, it's an epic sweeping jazz ballad that hits right in the...
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    Happy Birthday Gabble Ratchet !!

    Thanks everyone! :)
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    Happy Birthday Gabble Ratchet !!

    Thanks everyone! It has been an extraordinary weekend! :grinthumb
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    Genesis (Official Thread)

    Trespass is not to be overlooked either, it's a little bit softer than the big three you posted and a lot smaller than The Lamb but it's no less enjoyable than all of those albums. :grinthumb
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    DownUnderground: The Official Australian Rap, Hip Hop, Soul and R&B Thread!

    I didn't forget about this I swear! :heheh: Lately some established and breakthrough Australian artists have been pumping out some good new beats, starting with... Hilltop Hoods Hilltop Hoods are a three piece rap band from Adelaide and formed in 1991. They shot to prominence with their hit...
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    Nick Cave (Official Thread)

    *BUMP* Since I last visited here I've picked up Murder Ballads, listened to it while driving through a thunderstorm in my friend's beat up 85' Mazda and nothing was more appropriate ever. This song in particular, was a novel of imagination and old western treachery. It's as if I'd pulled up a...
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    Busby Marou

    I enjoy a bit of Busby, "Biding My Time" was the first song I heard and still my favourite. :grinthumb
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    Muse (Official Thread)

    Muse are coming to Adelaide too which is really really really really really tempting, especially considering the misfortune our city has had with touring bands. I'm hoping I'll be able to scrape together the ridiculous ticket price before they sell out, and that preferably one of my friends can too!

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