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    The N Word As it is Found In Rock

    I am not a fan of censorship, but I am also not a fan of the N word, or any other racial slur. I don't care what race you are... It's just an expired way to think, in my opinion. I'm not going to jump on a soap box and preach about it. I just won't take one word people that talk like that...
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    How is it possible to like classical rock nowadays?

    Is this really a serious post? First and foremost, evolution isn't ALWAYS a great thing. In my honest opinion, most "rock music" SUCKS these days. There is a lot less talent involved in the actual writing, making and playing of the music. I'm also not the biggest fan of "modern...
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    Geezer Butler Says Black Sabbath Have ‘Finished Recording’ New Album

    I agree, completely. However, I am a KISS fan. I picked up the last 2 KISS albums, so it would be quite hypocritical of me to ignore the new Sabbath. What bothers me most is the title. 13???? Seriously? As for Eddie Trunk... He has the gall to consistently bash KISS for not...
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    Gene Simmons VS pop stars II

    Ya, exactly. What is the difference, though? Beyonce does it at a televised inauguration for the president. Still a televised event. The Paul Lynde Halloween special was lip synched, as well as many others. Considering those events were supposedly "live," what leg does Simmons actually have...
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    How did the emerging bands of 60s get influenced by blues musicians in America??

    Another documentary worth looking up is from the "Metal Evolution" series where they interview old British musicians about the music of the lates 60s and early 70s.
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    How did the emerging bands of 60s get influenced by blues musicians in America??

    I'm not so sure about the vocalist part. To me, vocals have always been the "icing on the cake." Personally, I prefer an untrained vocalist to a trained one. The untrained vocalists tend to show more personality, in my opinion.
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    KISS (Official Thread)

    Well, they got the "who's names don't matter" part right, considering most newer fans don't even know the current Catman and Spaceman actually are not "the real deal."
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    How did the emerging bands of 60s get influenced by blues musicians in America??

    A lot of those musicians in the Yardbirds and what not were actually trained musicians. That's likely where the "jazz" influence you hear comes from. Influence is one thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean they will "sound like" their influences completely. That's what I've always liked about...
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    Gene Simmons VS pop stars II

    That's cool and all, but KISS has lip synched on several "live" TV appearances over the years. At this point, a little lip synching wouldn't do Mr. Stanley much harm. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge KISS nerd, but at this point I really wish Simmons and Stanley would just "shut up and play."
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    Fandango vs 'Ot 'n' Sweaty

    I love Cactus, but that particular album isn't near their best, in my opinion. Still, my vote is for Cactus.
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    California Jam 1974 Live Battle

    Thank ya!
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    Nothing at all by Canned Heat
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    California Jam 1974 Live Battle

    Damn. Tough one. The behind the scenes stories about this gig are hilarious. Blackmore throwing a fit over not wanting to play before Sabbath/dark, hiding in road cases. I always see California Jam 2 on vinyl. Does anyone know if the first Cali Jam was ever released on vinyl?
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    KISS (Official Thread)

    What is a "roll out?"
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    Uriah Heep (Official Thread)

    I own "Sweet Freedom," but I played it once, said "EW" and threw it in with the rest of my collection. This thread makes me wanna break it out and give it another chance. :P

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