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    Phil Collins doesn't like music

    I wonder if the REAL REASON is he doesnt like the crappy stale digital crap they are using now? (Nowhere near as nice sounding as analog)
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    Judas Priest - Before the Dawn VS. Bruce Dickinson - Acoustic Song

    Before the dawn indeed but its sad what this song signifies :( (The end of the original JUDAS PRIEST :() The stuff they in the 80s was pure crap...... Not very good @ all........
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    [Favorite Song] Judas Priest - Stained Class (1978)

    Its hard for me to pick,THEY ALL KICK ASS!!!!!!!!! This album is PURE/TRUE Judas Priest!! (Thier next record was thier LAST GOOD one)
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    Riff's Favourite Judas Priest Albums.

    I just got STAINED CLASS and YES,its probably my favourite also!!!!!
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    What Judas Priest Song Do You Enjoy More?

    Out of all the songs on the list HELL BENT FOR LEATHER!!
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    DEEP PURPLE Hasn't Decided Yet If 'Long Goodbye' Will Be Band's Last Big Tour

    I wonder if "Long goodbye" is an indication?
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    Thread Repairs

    Yes thank you very much!!!    
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    Happy Birthday Sharp Dressed Man!

    I hope ya had a good birthday!!!
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    Spam everywhere!

    Ahhhh thank you sweetie,it means alot!!
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    George Michael Dies At 53

    Yes its very sad :(
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    Happy Birthday Magic

    I hope ya had a good birthday :)
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    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to CRF1,I hope you like it here :)
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas/Happy Chanukah everyone!!!!!!!
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    Spam everywhere!

    I just wanted to say CITY-DATA has finally taken my suggestion and put new members on moderation :) It took me months trying to convince them we need to do this... The spam was getting insane!!!!!! -- I was reporting stuff left and right....... (I only hope they stick with it as it makes...
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    Led Zeppelin - IV (1971)

    Im listening to the 8 track now!!!!! (The CRC copy I have is the BEST 8 track version of this album as all others have over a minute of silence @ the end of track 1 and 3)

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