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    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    The one I noted focuses almost 100% on the music both onstage and in the studio. No drugs, groupies, or other salacious crap.
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    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    I've read more Zep books than I can remember. The main contributor to Hammer of the Gods was Zep's ex-tour manager Richard Cole. He'd been fired in 1977 and had an axe to grind. Hands down the most factual and detailed Zep book...
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    Me, Myself, and I: Clips of my stuff.

    A bit more rock-ish. Hammer
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    Hi y'all. Greetings from North Carolina

    Welcome from another newbie!
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    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    Stumbled across this today. Rock God!
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    Me, Myself, and I: Clips of my stuff.

    Here's some stuff I've recorded over the past dozen years or so. All instrumental and all guitar driven. Looking forward to comments and whether or not you dig it. Stipulate to Modulate (might have to rewind to the beginning of this.)
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    Hi All: Classic Rocker Here

    Thanks all. Already digging this place! Is it OK to post some of my original music here?
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    Halloween Music

    Tubular Bells TXvtDm820zI
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    Snowy White (Official Thread)

    Very tasty guitarist with tones to die for. He and Doyle Bramhall II make a great tandem on the Roger Waters "In the Flesh" concert DVD. Man I would so love to take a spin on his 1957 Goldtop.
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    Music you've outgrown....?

    Born in 1960 and lived off a steady diet of the holy trinity of early 70s hard rock - Zeppelin/Purple/Sabbath. Zeppelin has held up 100%. Sabbath and Purple, not so much. Still love them but a lot of their stuff I don't listen to at all anymore.
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    What classical would you suggest to a rock fan

    IMO this is quite simply the greatest classical composition for guitar. I got to see it performed by Angel Romero with the San Diego symphony about 10 years back. Goosebumps man. I'd also recommend Stravinsky's Firebird Suite for rock fans. Yes use to use this as background music prior to...
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    Songs Of 1973 - Add List (50)

    01. Angie - Rolling Stones 02. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd 03. Caroline - Status Quo 04. The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd 05. Takin' Care Of Business - Bachman-Turner Overdrive 06. Radar Love - Golden Earring 07. The Song Remains the Same - Led Zeppelin 08. We're An American Band - Grand...
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    Old rock songs which are nowadays politically incorrect

    Slide it In - Whitesnake Sometimes you seem just like a stranger to me, But, all the games you play make it so easy to see. You're looking for love, tho' you try to deny, The things you put me through Tell me what I've got to do to you. I'm gonna slide it in, right to the top, Slide it in, I...
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    Yes (Official Thread)

    Favorite prog rock band by far. Close to the Edge being their magnus opus in every way IMO. Who write lyrics like this anymore? A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace And achieve it all with music that came quickly...

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